Tuesday, 5 July 2011

First Post & Haul

Hey Everyone :)

My name is Jessica Veronika, and I created this blog to share my passion for makeup woth others. I also thought this would be a great little diary for all my product purchases, and swatches to. I plan to make my posts a little more exciting in the future- but I have no idea where to start, so I thought a Haul Post would be the easiest. 

These are some yums yums I ordered from Cherry Culture, and Madamemadeline.com the last 2 weeks. The NYX 'Frosted Beige' Mega Shine Lipgloss is a huge staple in my dailty routine. I apply this over Hard Candy's Fire Alarm lipstick, MAC Myth, Shy Girl, or OCC's Lip Tar in Conquest (a very, very nude shade- but Frosted Beige makes it much more wearable) ....The NYX glitter liners are all time faves. Somedays, I love a little swipe of glitter on the lower lashline for insant drama & fun.

In the future, I'll probably post my many False Eyelash hauls. They are by far, one of my favorite beauty items (hence my blog name!)
Hope you enjoy- please feel free to ask any questions...and yes, I love huge lashes- its just my personal preference.

Hope this post was okay :P I'm getting a few more items in the mail soon from All Cosmetics Wholesale.

Now that the postal strike is over in Canada, I can finally order more things from the US :-)


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