Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Teeny Tiny MAC Haul!

Hey everyone!
 I thought I would share some MAC eyeshadows I recently purchased to finally fill up my 15 Pan Pro-Palette. I really have been trying to avoid purchasing single eyeshadows to save some space in my Traincases. I really like Palettes, especially if you can custom create them. I just ordered some Urban Decay Palettes from All Cosmetics Wholesale- I purchased the Foreshadow and Ammo Palettes for only $56.00! (that's including shipping) which is amazing, because if I ordered them from Sephora, I would be paying $106.00 :O

Anywho, I got a little off topic there! I just love when I find a great deal :D and those will be my very first Urban Decay shadows.

The two eyeshadows I purchased are Satin Taupe and Amber Lights. These are quite popular and I can see why. Satin Taupe is the perfect neutral! it looks gorgeous on the lid, with a black shadow on the crease- it also looks stunning with purple (my favorite purple-ish shadow is MAC's Heritage Rouge Pigment, I will be making a single post about that pigment soon- its AMAZING, it goes with nearl every shade out there!) .....Ok, I got off topic again- can you tell I love to talk? :P

I chose Amber Lights as well, because the swatches are beautiful. Its really Sunny today, and I couldn't get my camera to grasp the beauty of Amber Lights and Satin Taupe- but there are loads of swatches on google. Amber lights looks stunning with purple, black, or a dark brown in the crease. I hope you enjoy these pictures. I'm sorry for the lack of swatches, but I want to make sure I have god quality pictures to put up :)


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