Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cherry Culture NYX Haul with pictures and swatches!

So surprisingly, my NYX haul arrived 1 week after making the order- that's pretty fast, because it takes about 2 weeks for most of my packages from the USA to get to Canada =)

I made a small haul when Cherry Culture had the recent 20% off sale for Back to School. I have a few Holy Grails from NYX, and I haven't made an order with Cherry Culture in quite awhile. When I first started out in makeup, NYX dominated my makeup collection- now its a mixture of High End and Drugstore products, both ranges of makeup that I love. I thought I would purchase a back up of NYX's eyeshadow in Black- a staple in my everyday routine & the Candy Glitter Liner in Baby Pink (looks super cute on the lower lash line) ......While browsing, I picked up a few more items that looked interesting.

The Eyeshadow in Autumn Sky isn't a blue I would wear often- I like dark blue's on occasion, bit nothing this light. I tried this out and like many of NYX's eyeshadow, it has great pigmentation. The Eyeshadow base is pretty much like NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk, just in different packaging & form- I tried this out today and really love it. The round lipstick was another purchase I probably won't use often- the color Harmonica is a super frosty pink- but over my OCC lip tar base, it actually looks really nice. I love the glitter liners from NYX, and I sometimes likes a small swipe of glitter on my lower lash line. Lastly, the HD concealer in Lavender was something I would have never purchased- but the past year I have learned how certain colors can mask things like under eye circles, shadows and blemishes. I purchased this because the review on Makeup Alley was great :) I cannot wait to try this out to brighten up under my eyes.

I also added some pictures below, and a few swatches. Hope you like :)


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Product Rave and Review: L'oreal Sublime Glow!

Hey everyone!

So a few days ago I received my False Lashes from Madame Madeline.com and today my MAC package arrived (They had free express shipping, so I had to get something :P) Anywho- I picked up my staple Red Cherry Lashes in #199 and I also tried out two new pairs, and the Ardell 115 lashes. I'm an eyelash whore LOL :) I love huge lashes, my natural lashes are blonde, short and cannot get any volume or length even with an eyelash curler- so when I I first tried out falsies 2 years ago, I was hooked. I tried so many pairs, and finally found my HG's - and they are only $1.99 each online, so I stock up all the time.

I also picked up a backup of my favorite blush by MAC called Cubic- I use this blush all the time, so I've hit pan on my first one and decided to be prepared once its all gone. Its my favorite blushie because it goes with every single eye look, everything from bright to neutral. I have so many MAC blushes, but I pretty much only reach for this- I kinda feel bad for my other MAC blushes, but you never know when might want to wear a bright red blush (I'm looking at you, Bite of an apple! LOL) While browsing the MAC site, I also noticed some items from the Surf, Baby! collection where still floating around, so I decided to pick up the Solar Riche Bronzer. I use MAC's Refined Golden as my contour- Solar Riche has a more pinkish undertone, and no glitter or shimmer (which makes me want to try it as a blush) .....Here are some pictures, and finally some swatches! I found the perfect lighting today, amazingly :)



Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Product Rave and Review: L'oreal Sublime Glow!

Hello peeps :)

So, I have quite the history with tanning lotion, and it isn't good. Each time I tried a lotion, it would leave my streaky, orange and just a plain Snookified mess :D Anywho- The best lotion I found was Jergens natural glow, as it was gradual and left me with a nice color. However, after repurachasing it a few times- I was left with streaks again, which makes me think they changed the formula.

I don't like my whole body tanned, just my legs. I'm not an avid tanner, and I don't want an exceedingly dark tan because it just doesn't go with my fair skin features- I'm one of those weirdo's that likes her pale NC20-25  skin :P (ok so Im no as fair as the gorgeous Dita Von Teese, but YKWIM-) but So anywho, I like a nice 'tint' as opposed to full on dark tan. I also only like a bit of color in Summer.

I decided that I would try some more expensive tanning products, and I tried St.Tropez and was so excited when I first applied it. I figured it would work wonders because of the strange application method (apply, but don't blend, then shower off) but it left me nothing but horrible streaks, patches and just a strange color. After that, I didn't use a tanning lotion for awhile. Lately though I got bit by the tanning bug again & started researching various Drugstore tanning lotions on Makeupalley- the highest rated drugstore lotion was L'oreal's Sublime Glow Gradual daily moisturizer for medium skin tones, however apparently it had been discontinued. I decided to go shopping and see what was available and just wing it- and what do I see when I get to the Tanning Lotion area? L'oreal's Sublime Glow in in all its Glory =D I grabbed it right away and was so excited to see that they had a ton in stock, so if it worked out I would get 2 more bottles.

I applied this all over my legs after showering, and was surprised by the pleasant Orange Pekoe Tea Scent- no nasty generic self tanner smell with this one. The second day. I had exactly what I wanted a slight tint of color & not a streak in sight or uneven patches. It is now day three, and my legs have a gorgeous even looking tan! There is not an uneven patch in sight- which is amazing to me because all of my bad experiences- and I made sure to check this out in daylight, since thats the best lighting for clarity. The lotion has a slight shimmer to it, which gives your legs & arms a glow right away. My tan isn't super dark, but thats what I want :) and I'll see how this works the next few days.

I really hate reviewing a supposed discontinued product- but I found this at two Canadian stores (Superstore & Wal-Mart) so I think if you search for it, it can be found somewhere- I hope that was a good, in depth review :)


Monday, 15 August 2011

Camera Ready Cosmetics Haul!

Wow, I have really neglected this blog :( I'm so sorry, but I have been so busy! Summer has been so fun and full of activities and weekend outings, so I haven't had much time to take pictures.

I also got a haul from Camera Ready Cosmetics- I received them right before I was going out so I tried both products right away (reviews to come later!) ....I picked up the Cinema Secrets Foundation and Kryolan Camouflage Cream Art. The Cinema secrets foundation is more pink based, while the Kryolan is more yellow. Both have crazy coverage, so a little goes a long way.

Here are some pictures I took my with dinosaur of a camera :-) Again. I couldn't get decent swatches :( I really need to invest in a new camera, but I keep buying makeup, clothing and shoes instead :P Hope you enjoy!

Next I have a drugstore haul coming up. I picked up some fabulous Shampoo and Conditioner I have to rave about,and some Tanning Lotion which (according to Makeupalley) had been discontinued- I'm really happy I found it because it has a 81% repurchase percentage! I'm also waiting for NYX & Madame Madeline Haul in the mail too.