Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cherry Culture NYX Haul with pictures and swatches!

So surprisingly, my NYX haul arrived 1 week after making the order- that's pretty fast, because it takes about 2 weeks for most of my packages from the USA to get to Canada =)

I made a small haul when Cherry Culture had the recent 20% off sale for Back to School. I have a few Holy Grails from NYX, and I haven't made an order with Cherry Culture in quite awhile. When I first started out in makeup, NYX dominated my makeup collection- now its a mixture of High End and Drugstore products, both ranges of makeup that I love. I thought I would purchase a back up of NYX's eyeshadow in Black- a staple in my everyday routine & the Candy Glitter Liner in Baby Pink (looks super cute on the lower lash line) ......While browsing, I picked up a few more items that looked interesting.

The Eyeshadow in Autumn Sky isn't a blue I would wear often- I like dark blue's on occasion, bit nothing this light. I tried this out and like many of NYX's eyeshadow, it has great pigmentation. The Eyeshadow base is pretty much like NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk, just in different packaging & form- I tried this out today and really love it. The round lipstick was another purchase I probably won't use often- the color Harmonica is a super frosty pink- but over my OCC lip tar base, it actually looks really nice. I love the glitter liners from NYX, and I sometimes likes a small swipe of glitter on my lower lash line. Lastly, the HD concealer in Lavender was something I would have never purchased- but the past year I have learned how certain colors can mask things like under eye circles, shadows and blemishes. I purchased this because the review on Makeup Alley was great :) I cannot wait to try this out to brighten up under my eyes.

I also added some pictures below, and a few swatches. Hope you like :)



  1. great haul I love NYX!!

    hope you'll follow back


  2. Thanks! :)

    And your blog looks great!

  3. I've always wanted to try NYX! I hear it's a pretty good line of cosmetics! Great blog! ♥


  4. I Love NYX lipglosses I just started using them, they had a massive sale on Hautelook! I might do a haul post also!