Thursday, 25 August 2011

Product Rave and Review: L'oreal Sublime Glow!

Hey everyone!

So a few days ago I received my False Lashes from Madame and today my MAC package arrived (They had free express shipping, so I had to get something :P) Anywho- I picked up my staple Red Cherry Lashes in #199 and I also tried out two new pairs, and the Ardell 115 lashes. I'm an eyelash whore LOL :) I love huge lashes, my natural lashes are blonde, short and cannot get any volume or length even with an eyelash curler- so when I I first tried out falsies 2 years ago, I was hooked. I tried so many pairs, and finally found my HG's - and they are only $1.99 each online, so I stock up all the time.

I also picked up a backup of my favorite blush by MAC called Cubic- I use this blush all the time, so I've hit pan on my first one and decided to be prepared once its all gone. Its my favorite blushie because it goes with every single eye look, everything from bright to neutral. I have so many MAC blushes, but I pretty much only reach for this- I kinda feel bad for my other MAC blushes, but you never know when might want to wear a bright red blush (I'm looking at you, Bite of an apple! LOL) While browsing the MAC site, I also noticed some items from the Surf, Baby! collection where still floating around, so I decided to pick up the Solar Riche Bronzer. I use MAC's Refined Golden as my contour- Solar Riche has a more pinkish undertone, and no glitter or shimmer (which makes me want to try it as a blush) .....Here are some pictures, and finally some swatches! I found the perfect lighting today, amazingly :)



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