Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Product Rave and Review: L'oreal Sublime Glow!

Hello peeps :)

So, I have quite the history with tanning lotion, and it isn't good. Each time I tried a lotion, it would leave my streaky, orange and just a plain Snookified mess :D Anywho- The best lotion I found was Jergens natural glow, as it was gradual and left me with a nice color. However, after repurachasing it a few times- I was left with streaks again, which makes me think they changed the formula.

I don't like my whole body tanned, just my legs. I'm not an avid tanner, and I don't want an exceedingly dark tan because it just doesn't go with my fair skin features- I'm one of those weirdo's that likes her pale NC20-25  skin :P (ok so Im no as fair as the gorgeous Dita Von Teese, but YKWIM-) but So anywho, I like a nice 'tint' as opposed to full on dark tan. I also only like a bit of color in Summer.

I decided that I would try some more expensive tanning products, and I tried St.Tropez and was so excited when I first applied it. I figured it would work wonders because of the strange application method (apply, but don't blend, then shower off) but it left me nothing but horrible streaks, patches and just a strange color. After that, I didn't use a tanning lotion for awhile. Lately though I got bit by the tanning bug again & started researching various Drugstore tanning lotions on Makeupalley- the highest rated drugstore lotion was L'oreal's Sublime Glow Gradual daily moisturizer for medium skin tones, however apparently it had been discontinued. I decided to go shopping and see what was available and just wing it- and what do I see when I get to the Tanning Lotion area? L'oreal's Sublime Glow in in all its Glory =D I grabbed it right away and was so excited to see that they had a ton in stock, so if it worked out I would get 2 more bottles.

I applied this all over my legs after showering, and was surprised by the pleasant Orange Pekoe Tea Scent- no nasty generic self tanner smell with this one. The second day. I had exactly what I wanted a slight tint of color & not a streak in sight or uneven patches. It is now day three, and my legs have a gorgeous even looking tan! There is not an uneven patch in sight- which is amazing to me because all of my bad experiences- and I made sure to check this out in daylight, since thats the best lighting for clarity. The lotion has a slight shimmer to it, which gives your legs & arms a glow right away. My tan isn't super dark, but thats what I want :) and I'll see how this works the next few days.

I really hate reviewing a supposed discontinued product- but I found this at two Canadian stores (Superstore & Wal-Mart) so I think if you search for it, it can be found somewhere- I hope that was a good, in depth review :)


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