Thursday, 8 September 2011

UrbanOG Haul and Website Review!

So, I have a shoe obsession- and when I see all these sites from the USA that carry amazing shoes, I'm tempted to order them- even though shipping is usually high to Canada.

I have only ordered one thing from UrbanOg- a Monikini, and its gorgeous. With Shipping, it came to $30 (not to bad, actually) but the border fee was $25 when UPS arrived at my door. Don't get me wrong, I didn't mind paying- but I though if a little bubble-wrap envelope cost that much, then how much duty would I pay for a box of shoes?

So, for ages- I looked at the shoes at UrbanOG and finally last week- ordered a pair for $13.00, with shipping I paid $30.00 (again, fab deal) .....When my parcel was scheduled to arrive today, I was so excited (to get my shoes) and worried that I'd be paying $50 extra for a border fee. I cannot tell you how happy I was when the UPS courier said there was nothing owing for border fee's! I'm planning to order two more pairs from the site next week- and hopefully don't have to pay a border fee. As much as I like Forever21- the shoes are not my style- I just like the boots they come out with in Fall/Winter- but that's about it. I'm planning on getting some heels- and then maybe some boots from UrbanOG. My order arrived in exactly 1 week, and I was provided with a tracking number, so I could keep an eye on when these babies where arriving. I really wish I had ordered shoes form UrbanOG before- I passed up so many shoes that where on sale for sooo cheap!

Here they are :)