Monday, 24 October 2011

MAC, All Cosmetics Wholesale Haul, and AMI Clubwear Website Review!

Hey Everyone!

My three MAC eyeshadow refills had arrived. I picked up All that Glitters and Naked Lunch because they have such a cult following. It seems like everyone love's these two shadows, so I wanted to try them. I adore Naked Lunch, it looks stunning on the lid, with virtually any color in the crease- or it looks great alone with some liner and lashes (heh :P)

All that glitters is gorgeous to, but for some reason- it really reminds me of MAC's Honey Lust Eyeshadow for some reason. I swear on the lid, they look almost identical. I still do love this color though.

Lastly, there was Rule. A Matte Orange, I picked it up mainly because I was in a Autumn mood =) I still haven't tried it- but cannot wait to. Here's  a picture:

When I arrived home, I checked my my mail and was happy to see my ACW order had arrived.
I have always wanted to purchase MAC brushes from them because they are much cheaper then at a MAC store or MAC online.

I purchased the 191 because I loved Angled brushes for blending out foundation, and this one is great! it works really well with creme and liquid formulations. I also picked up the MAC 217 because its so versatile, I use my first one to highlighter on my face, so I purchase another one for blending all my eyeshadows. I also purchased the Studio Fix Lash mascara- purely out of curiosity, but its not my favorite :( doesn't really sculpt my lower lashes like Zoom Lash.

This is my 6th order with ACW- and as always, great service, shipping and packaging.

I just have a stock photo (and its the wrong color, the one I ordered is blue-with a few other color specks- but its out of stock)
but while I was away I also received my Mini dress/shirt from AMI Clubwear!
I was really looking forward to this because I adore all the clothes they sell. My order arrived in about 7 days, and came with a tracking number :) I also didn't have to pay an Customs (it was a small envelope) ..... The dress I purchased (in size small) fits my body perfectly! it also can be pulled lower so its the perfect length dress, or pulled up a little higher (without bunching!) and looks amazing with leggings and some heels. The only downside was the $20.00 shipping fee- but I still saved 30% off as they where having a sale.

Hope everyone's having a great Fall!


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade!

So I finally got the MSF I have been wanting for such a long time, when MAC released this again- I was so excited to purchase it. It seems like MAC will be releasing some other past favorite MSF's this Winter, as well as two of the Blush Ombre's! Cannot wait to buy some of those :)

Anywho, I want to apologize for the lack of swatches on my blog- my camera isn't the greatest- nor is the weather where I am. Its been raining non-stop for 2 weeks now and since my house has more of a darker decor, I often feel like the swatches I take pictures of do not do the product justice.

Any who, the MSF is so beautiful- it has light veining throughout, and it has a light golden tinge to it. As a highlighter, it is extremely light- meaning that it does take a while to show up. Its a little bit of a let down, but the sheen it gives is very gorgeous- so a little work is no big deal. Enjoy =)


Thursday, 6 October 2011

New M.A.C Palette, Eyeshadows, & Hauls!

Hello everyone :)

The one project I wanted to work on was creating my second MAC 15 Pan Palette. The first one I made was a great investment- MAC's eye shadows are amazing, and they last for ages. I tried a few eye shadows from Wet N' Wild and Bitch slap cosmetics this year- and honestly, they do not compare to MAC at all- I still like them, but MAC just has great quality shadows, and there is so much more product. My first Palette was more neutral, whereas my new one will be a mix of brights/neutrals/ and whatever else I want to try.

Here's a peek - (Eye shadows from left to right, top to bottom: Electra, Freshwater, Goldmine, Stars and Rockets, Vibrant Grape, Da Bling, Phloof, and Handwritten)

I actually got the last two eye shadows today (Phloof and Handwritten) All of the E/S where purchased online at MAC- with the exception of Stars & Rockets which I got from ACW (along with MAC's Studio Tech foundation- a new fave!) ...... I have seven more shadows to purchase and I'll be set. I have a few in mind already :)

I recently ordered MAC's fleshpot lipstick which was released with the new Fall Collection. I also ordered the Lightscapade Skinfinish! I'll be getting it next week, and I cannot wait. I have to thank MAC's great online CS, the first one I ordered was backordered :( I then called up MAC's CS to get a tracking number for another order, and the Rep. asked me if I wanted the last Lightscapade & I gladly accepted. She didn't even charge me for shipping :P Another reason why I adore MAC! Here's a picture of Fleshpot; Its similar to Myth lipstick by MAC- but slightly more nude.

About two weeks ago, I received a Haul from All Cosmetics Wholesale. I am really starting to love this site! I purchased MAC's Stars & Rockets Shadow Refill and Studio Tech Foundation and saved quite a bit of money. If I had ordered them thru MAC, I would have paid $20 more because of Tax and the fact that the items would be priced a little higher. I wish ACW had all the MAC shadow refills, but they only have a small selection. I started using Studio Tech right away, and I in love! its the perfect foundation. It blends so well, and work with my concealer and powder- creating a flawless finish. I picked it up in NC15 :) - Both my MAC items came in the regular MAC boxed packaging. I think its great that ACW carries Legitimate MAC items.

(Sorry for the smudge, I was swatching it lol)

Anywho, those where all my Hauls for September :) I also went a Shoe Spree and ordered 5 pairs of shoes from UrbanOG.

They are so cute! I might post pictures in my next post =) & I also ordered a dress from AMI Clubwear (will be doing a website review) Hope all of you are having a great Fall! This is my favorite season, and I've been loving it so far- here's some cute Fall inspired pictures :P (courtesy of Google)