Monday, 24 October 2011

MAC, All Cosmetics Wholesale Haul, and AMI Clubwear Website Review!

Hey Everyone!

My three MAC eyeshadow refills had arrived. I picked up All that Glitters and Naked Lunch because they have such a cult following. It seems like everyone love's these two shadows, so I wanted to try them. I adore Naked Lunch, it looks stunning on the lid, with virtually any color in the crease- or it looks great alone with some liner and lashes (heh :P)

All that glitters is gorgeous to, but for some reason- it really reminds me of MAC's Honey Lust Eyeshadow for some reason. I swear on the lid, they look almost identical. I still do love this color though.

Lastly, there was Rule. A Matte Orange, I picked it up mainly because I was in a Autumn mood =) I still haven't tried it- but cannot wait to. Here's  a picture:

When I arrived home, I checked my my mail and was happy to see my ACW order had arrived.
I have always wanted to purchase MAC brushes from them because they are much cheaper then at a MAC store or MAC online.

I purchased the 191 because I loved Angled brushes for blending out foundation, and this one is great! it works really well with creme and liquid formulations. I also picked up the MAC 217 because its so versatile, I use my first one to highlighter on my face, so I purchase another one for blending all my eyeshadows. I also purchased the Studio Fix Lash mascara- purely out of curiosity, but its not my favorite :( doesn't really sculpt my lower lashes like Zoom Lash.

This is my 6th order with ACW- and as always, great service, shipping and packaging.

I just have a stock photo (and its the wrong color, the one I ordered is blue-with a few other color specks- but its out of stock)
but while I was away I also received my Mini dress/shirt from AMI Clubwear!
I was really looking forward to this because I adore all the clothes they sell. My order arrived in about 7 days, and came with a tracking number :) I also didn't have to pay an Customs (it was a small envelope) ..... The dress I purchased (in size small) fits my body perfectly! it also can be pulled lower so its the perfect length dress, or pulled up a little higher (without bunching!) and looks amazing with leggings and some heels. The only downside was the $20.00 shipping fee- but I still saved 30% off as they where having a sale.

Hope everyone's having a great Fall!


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