Thursday, 6 October 2011

New M.A.C Palette, Eyeshadows, & Hauls!

Hello everyone :)

The one project I wanted to work on was creating my second MAC 15 Pan Palette. The first one I made was a great investment- MAC's eye shadows are amazing, and they last for ages. I tried a few eye shadows from Wet N' Wild and Bitch slap cosmetics this year- and honestly, they do not compare to MAC at all- I still like them, but MAC just has great quality shadows, and there is so much more product. My first Palette was more neutral, whereas my new one will be a mix of brights/neutrals/ and whatever else I want to try.

Here's a peek - (Eye shadows from left to right, top to bottom: Electra, Freshwater, Goldmine, Stars and Rockets, Vibrant Grape, Da Bling, Phloof, and Handwritten)

I actually got the last two eye shadows today (Phloof and Handwritten) All of the E/S where purchased online at MAC- with the exception of Stars & Rockets which I got from ACW (along with MAC's Studio Tech foundation- a new fave!) ...... I have seven more shadows to purchase and I'll be set. I have a few in mind already :)

I recently ordered MAC's fleshpot lipstick which was released with the new Fall Collection. I also ordered the Lightscapade Skinfinish! I'll be getting it next week, and I cannot wait. I have to thank MAC's great online CS, the first one I ordered was backordered :( I then called up MAC's CS to get a tracking number for another order, and the Rep. asked me if I wanted the last Lightscapade & I gladly accepted. She didn't even charge me for shipping :P Another reason why I adore MAC! Here's a picture of Fleshpot; Its similar to Myth lipstick by MAC- but slightly more nude.

About two weeks ago, I received a Haul from All Cosmetics Wholesale. I am really starting to love this site! I purchased MAC's Stars & Rockets Shadow Refill and Studio Tech Foundation and saved quite a bit of money. If I had ordered them thru MAC, I would have paid $20 more because of Tax and the fact that the items would be priced a little higher. I wish ACW had all the MAC shadow refills, but they only have a small selection. I started using Studio Tech right away, and I in love! its the perfect foundation. It blends so well, and work with my concealer and powder- creating a flawless finish. I picked it up in NC15 :) - Both my MAC items came in the regular MAC boxed packaging. I think its great that ACW carries Legitimate MAC items.

(Sorry for the smudge, I was swatching it lol)

Anywho, those where all my Hauls for September :) I also went a Shoe Spree and ordered 5 pairs of shoes from UrbanOG.

They are so cute! I might post pictures in my next post =) & I also ordered a dress from AMI Clubwear (will be doing a website review) Hope all of you are having a great Fall! This is my favorite season, and I've been loving it so far- here's some cute Fall inspired pictures :P (courtesy of Google)



  1. I almost named my blog lipstick and lashes!! Love your blog name!!

  2. Aww Thanks so much :) I had a few names like Heels & Lashes, and a few other one's before I settled for this one :P