Saturday, 26 November 2011

More Great Glam!

Hey dolls

Firstly, I want to say Thank you to all my followers! I really never thought I would have a single person read my blog- So Thank You! :)

I received my Great Glam haul yesterday in the mail, and I love everything!
(One item isn't pictured- I originally thought G.G didn't send it to me, but my boyfriend moved the parcel and it just got misplaced luckily! :D
Here's what I purchased <3


Thursday, 24 November 2011

UrbanOG Haul!

Hey girlie's :)

So my boots from UrbanOG arrived today, They are so gorgeous! and I purchased them for around $20.00 + shipping.
They'll be great for those cold Winter days, I already have some more practical boots for when we get snow here- so far there's just a lot of rain, wind and pretty freezing temperatures. Perfect weather for the new Starbucks Holiday drinks :)

Here are the boots:

I love them :) and they are super comfortable. I really want to order some more boots, here are a few I'm craving:

Ahh, I Love Winter and the fashion along with it :) now all I need is a shrunken black jacket that's actually warm.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Great Glam Haul and most recent purchases Haul/Review :)

Hi girlies!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been super busy the last few weeks- and I finally have some time now to relax and blog :)

I made a ton of purchases this month, however- I didn't take pictures, but I still be reviewing, talking and raving over the things I bought.

Firstly, I made my very first order with Great Glam! I love unique clothing, and great glam has tons of it :) I like to buy mini 'dresses' and pairing them with leggings, heels and accessories- all the items I bought really work with my shape (round booty here! lol) however, I have small upper body like my arms and tummy- and these conform amazingly! I actually made another order last week and will post that haul.

Great Glam offers free shipping to Canada if you buy 4 or more items, which is great IMO because most clothing websites charge quite a bit to deliver here, not to mention the border fee's tagged along with it. Great Glam however uses USPS, so I received my items in my mail box- so no shipping or border fee's! The Package came wrapped up in light pink paper, tied with a ribbon and Thank You note, as well as a Great Glam magnet. All the clothes are well made, and are true to size. I highly suggest ordering with them- and they have new items every week.

I picked these up in Medium- I love them so much, and they are super attention grabbing :)

I picked up my usual bulk order of Lashes from Madame Madeline, and I tried out a new pair. My favorite brand of lashes are Red Cherry- the # 199's are my Holy Grails. I recently purchased the #304 and I adore them! They are a nice change, and l can get way more uses then the #199's- I love both equally :) - I also purchased MAC's Blot Powder in 'Medium Dark' and I adore it! I use it before I apply my MAC Studio Fix Powder, and I'm nice & matte all day (my skin isn't oily anymore, I just like that matte look, with a bit of highlight, blush etc....) I also apply a light layer before I fill in my brows with my brow pencil- to keep them matte all day as well.

 Other then that, I also picked up the Revlon Brush on Lash Adhesive- and its awesome! it so much more easier to deal with then Duo Glue, and has the same lasting power. Its similar to the Ardell Brush on Adhesive, but the Revlon doesn't sting my eyes, but its still a great option.



Hope all of you are having a great Winter so far! I ordered some Winter boots from UrbanOG and they arrive tomorrow!