Wednesday, 25 January 2012

MAC Haul: 239 Brush and Studio Finish Concealer :)

I had two orders arrive yesterday. I purchased MAC's famous 239 brush from All Cosmetics Wholesale- I have been playing around with different methods- and I can truly say this brush is amazing! I don't know how I did my makeup without this brush in my life. This does more then just apply lid colour, it can also apply your crease and transition colours amazingly well- and then blend everything out to top it off. I remember awhile ago, Christine from Temptalia made a video on her favourite MAC brushes- and she mentioned how she had 5 of these, because the 239 simply can tackle any eyeshadow look- and its so true. I also love this more for blending then the MAC 217 & 239. Blending has always been a struggle for me- I find most fluffy brushes tend to remove my eyeshadows for some reason- no matter how light of a touch, making them look muddy or uneven.


Now, the same day from MAC- my beloved Studio Finish arrived. I have been using this concealer for a very long time now, and I adore it. MAC was having a Express Shipping Promo- so I thought I would be prepared once I ran out of my current Studio Finish. I took a few pictures, and I got the best representation of the colour in the morning then the afternoon daylight. In the afternoon, it seemed more like the NW20 shade.

^ Looks a little pink, no?

( I may take better pictures- I feel like these don't represent the shade correctly )

Anyhow, I have a few more hauls arriving. My lost Cherry Culture Haul has finally shipped- and made another order last week. I'm also waiting for some shirts from Great Glam, and a Corset Belt from DH Styles (I will be reviewing the site as well :P)

I'm really excited for next weekend because I might be going to an actual MAC Store for the first time in almost a year! I have 24 Back-2-MAC empties which I would like to get rid of. I'm thinking of getting Creme Cup Lipstick, C-Thru Lipglass and a few other goodies. I also want to get MAC's Well Dressed Blush and a few more items. I Love going to a MAC store because I can swatch everything- ordering online gets boring :( My nearest MAC store is really far away though, so ordering online is more convenient.

hope all of you are having a great week!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

MAC Pigment Samples, with Swatches!

Finally, a haul with proper swatches :)

We had some sunlight today, and I was able to get some good pictures of my new pigment samples from The Beauty Sampler.

So far, I love all the colors- except for Full Force Violet, it looks stunning- but its very hard to work with :( it doesn't blend very well. Once its applied, it looks almost patchy in a way. Its one of those pigments that takes some work, but the end result is worth it.

I made another order with ACW yesterday- I ordered the MAC 239 Brush. I have been using E.L.F's eyeshadow brush for nearly 1 year now, and the ferule is starting to get loose- it was a great little brush though, but I know MAC brushes last a very long time. All my MAC brushes have never let me down.

Enjoy <3

MAC's Blot Powder, The Body Shop Makeup Brush Roll and More!

 I made another order with All Cosmetics Wholesale- I just picked up another order of my beloved Blot Powder :) I adore this product- I wanted to show pictures of the shade up close. I lightly apply this before my Studio Fix Powder to keep my skin matte all day.

In other news, my NYX order hasn't arrived in nearly 1 month. According to Paypal, it shipped on December 16th!
however, on the Cherry Culture site, it said the order failed- so I'm in the process of contacting both Paypal and Cherry Culture, since money was removed fro the order and confirmation was sent that it cleared, and shipped out. I hate when this happens, which is not often. I've always had great service with Cherry Culture- so I'm a little bummed, since some Holy Grail products I use are in the parcel, and I have no idea where they are.

Ooh and I was thrifting a few days ago- and stumbled upon a brand new Body Shop Brush set for $5.99! including a really cute Brush roll with a glittery bow. It even had the tags on, & the brushes where in there original plastic sleeves :) I'm in the process of trying out the brushes, and will be reviewing them if they are any good- I honestly just wanted the brush roll :D I haven't been able to find a decent one, and this one is perfect!

I can honestly say the 'smudger brush' and eyebrow comb aren't the greatest- I just put them away in my reject makeup case lol :P The other brushes seem quite promising, but not for what they are intended for-

My MAC pigments from The Beauty Sampler have arrived, and I'm in the process of swatching them :)

Enjoy the pictures below <3

Friday, 6 January 2012

Favourite products of 2011!

Hello ladies :-)

Firstly, I want to say that I am so happy I have 13 Followers! Thanks so much xx

2011 was a great year for beauty products, I discovered so many that I cannot live without- as well as some techniques for my eyeshadow application that is part of my daily routine. I'm so sorry for the lack of real pictures. Winter where I live has been nothing but rain :(  I want SNOW! so with it being dark and rainy, and my place being decorated with darker decor- getting proper pictures has been kinda hard. Its why I haven't posted some hauls yet, but I'm hoping for some clear weather because I have lots of pictures to take. There are some products I didn't list like my favourite eye shadows, Lashes & blushes etc....

So here's my list of favourites <3

Ben Nye Neutral Set

I use this under my eyes after applying my Studio Fix powder, it really brightens everything up-
and it looks fabulous in photographs!

Ben Nye Banana Visage Powder

I use this some days mixed with my Studio Fix powder if I want really mattified 'Barbie Skin'-
its very natural looking, and blends beautifully.


MAC 266 Brush

I use this to slightly apply my crease eyeshadow (then I blend it all out with a 217 brush)
its amazing for getting the proper shape :)

I also love this for my eyebrows, and lower lashline color. I really
need to buy another one!

MAC 109 Brush

I adore this for applying blush!

MAC 217 Brush

I use this baby for applying my highlighter to my nose and temples, and anywhere else I want a glow :)

This is also amazing for blending your crease eyeshadows.
I have two of these brushes, becuase they are fantastic!

Elf Professional Eye Shadow Brush

Simply the best for applying eyeshadow to the lid- can't go wrong
for only $1.00

MAC 131 Brush

This is amazing for contouring- and even making your blush look super sculpted.

Graftobian Creme Foundation

This will give your skin such a flawless look. You only need a tiny dab- I mix this withmy Studio Finish concealer. I haven't even used any of my liquid foundations in months.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Perfect for extra coverage :)

MAC Studio Finish Concealer
I use this as an all over foundation- the texture cannot be beat, and it blends so well!
and you only need a tiny amount!

MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation

My go to setting powder, I've loved it for 3 years now :)

MAC Blot Powder 'Medium Dark'

I apply this very lightly before the Studio Fix Powder-I never have to touch up anymore.

Revlon Colorstay Miner Finish Powder 'Brighten'

This is a gorgeous shade! however, its getting discontinued :( so I'm savouringevery last bit. it goes with every eyeshadow and blush IMO

MAC Lightscapade Skinfinish

I love this one for highlighting the bridge of my nose, as its not to shimmery or matte.

MAC Vanilla Pigment

I've had this for years; and recently have been using it as a highlight on my face with certain looks.

MAC Bronzing Powder 'Refined Golden'

Holy Grail Contour!

Ben Nye Final Seal

My MAC Fix + has been sitting unloved since I purchased this-
it feels so refreshing and minty when applied.

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

I adore this for my lower lashes- they're blonde, and most mascara's wouldn't be dark enough, but this one is! and this goes on my false lashes without clumping them up.

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

This is amazing! its latex free, so it doesn't irritate my eyes-
its makes your lashes stay put all day, and it gets tacky in 10 seconds.

I can apply both my eyelashes in under a minute :)

Wet n' Wild Eye Kohl pencil in Taupe

This is my Holy Grail eyebrow pencil- its easy to use, I just set
it with MAC's Omega E/S and Maybelline's Clear brow Gel.

Wet n' Wild H2o Proof liquid liner in Black

This liner lasts ALL day and night- no smudging.

Maybelline Gel Liner

I use this over my Wet N' Wild Liner to intensify the black and
create a thicker, more precise line.

L'oreal Studio Secrets Base

This was my favorite find this year- I can wear any foundation & powder with this and my skin will not get oily! I get 9 + hours of wear with this gem.

NYX Eyeshadow single in Black

I use this everyday as my transition color,and set my black liner on my waterline.Its the most pigmented Black eyeshadow I have tried- and it lasts.

OCC Lip Tar in Conquest

This looks scary when applied, but its the best for really getting a nude lip look-

MAC Lipstick in Myth

I apply this with a brush over the OCC lip tar- its been my HG for 2 years now.

Perfect for nude lips. I just don't suit bright lips :(
So I made it a point to perfect the nude lip look.

NYX Megashine Gloss in 'Frosted Beige'

Applied over my Lip Tar & MAC's Myth- this makes the nude look more alive, and less corpse bride :) it has a slight iridescence- its not glittery by any means.

NYX Megashine in 'Sugar Pie'

This is a pink/nude lipgloss- to me, its identical to Myth.
the NYX Mega Shine Glosses are great- they really compare to
some higher end formula's!

NYX Jumbo Pencil 'Milk'

Simply the best base! I apply this over
MAC's Painterly Paint Pot to ensure long lasting eyeshadow :)

NYX concealer in a Jar 'Orange'

Yep- Orange :) Amazing for under eye circles-

NYX HD Concealer in 'Lavendar'

Also amazing for brightening under the eyes, and I even mix this withmy foundations- this seems to make them more mattifying. I would love to try more shades!

The Body Shop Body Butter 'Strawberry'

I adore this for keepng my skin nicely moisturized :)
I want to try this in Coconut and Shea butter.


Well there you go! :) its quite the list- and I'm
probably forgetting something, but I'll update it if I remember.

Hope all of you are having a great New Year!