Thursday, 12 January 2012

MAC's Blot Powder, The Body Shop Makeup Brush Roll and More!

 I made another order with All Cosmetics Wholesale- I just picked up another order of my beloved Blot Powder :) I adore this product- I wanted to show pictures of the shade up close. I lightly apply this before my Studio Fix Powder to keep my skin matte all day.

In other news, my NYX order hasn't arrived in nearly 1 month. According to Paypal, it shipped on December 16th!
however, on the Cherry Culture site, it said the order failed- so I'm in the process of contacting both Paypal and Cherry Culture, since money was removed fro the order and confirmation was sent that it cleared, and shipped out. I hate when this happens, which is not often. I've always had great service with Cherry Culture- so I'm a little bummed, since some Holy Grail products I use are in the parcel, and I have no idea where they are.

Ooh and I was thrifting a few days ago- and stumbled upon a brand new Body Shop Brush set for $5.99! including a really cute Brush roll with a glittery bow. It even had the tags on, & the brushes where in there original plastic sleeves :) I'm in the process of trying out the brushes, and will be reviewing them if they are any good- I honestly just wanted the brush roll :D I haven't been able to find a decent one, and this one is perfect!

I can honestly say the 'smudger brush' and eyebrow comb aren't the greatest- I just put them away in my reject makeup case lol :P The other brushes seem quite promising, but not for what they are intended for-

My MAC pigments from The Beauty Sampler have arrived, and I'm in the process of swatching them :)

Enjoy the pictures below <3


  1. Hi
    I had the same problem at I don't know what to do. Could you fix your problem , what did you do?

  2. Hi Nidia-

    when I made the order, I used Paypal because I wasn't in a rush to get my items. I tried contacting Paypal 3 times, and they never answered my emails. so I opened a claim through Paypal, and they finally contacted me. They told me that the payment department overlooked my payment- and by the time they realized they're mistake and my order was shipped out to me- it was about an extra month. If you live in the USA- you can call they're Toll Free Number- if your in Canada and you used Paypal, I would open a claim. If you used your Credit Card, simply call you Credit Card Company and say you where charged for items you did not recieve- & you should get a refund.

    Hope that helps :)