Thursday, 12 January 2012

MAC Pigment Samples, with Swatches!

Finally, a haul with proper swatches :)

We had some sunlight today, and I was able to get some good pictures of my new pigment samples from The Beauty Sampler.

So far, I love all the colors- except for Full Force Violet, it looks stunning- but its very hard to work with :( it doesn't blend very well. Once its applied, it looks almost patchy in a way. Its one of those pigments that takes some work, but the end result is worth it.

I made another order with ACW yesterday- I ordered the MAC 239 Brush. I have been using E.L.F's eyeshadow brush for nearly 1 year now, and the ferule is starting to get loose- it was a great little brush though, but I know MAC brushes last a very long time. All my MAC brushes have never let me down.

Enjoy <3


  1. oo these are all really pretty!

  2. They are, aren't they :)

    Thanks so much for following, Eugenia!