Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Great Glam and DH Styles Haul + More!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mine was fantastic. I didn't make it to Sally's Beauty Supply due to some random construction in the highway, but I plan on going soon. I did pick up some other hair styling products from the drugstore, that I'm actually VERY pleased with in regards to moisturising my hair, and getting rid of fly-aways :)

I picked up some Infusium 23 conditioner, and moisturising spray- and so far, it has been working so well!

I almost don't want to purchase any Moroccan Oil hair care, because these have been working so well. I have never tried this brand, and decided I would try it out- and I have not been disappointed.

I also purchased some mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner by Nexxus- I'm still testing them out :)

I like the idea they sell sample sized bottles of this before purchasing- I wish more brands would do this.


Since I didn't make it to Sally's- I decided to do some thrifting since I was in a larger city, and did I find some fabulous finds! I cannot believe how little the prices where. I picked up a Guess by Marciano Jacket for $10.00! as well as some other adorable shirts, and jackets- I only thrift once in awhile, and I forgot how much fun it is. I got about 10 items for $40 :) Last week, I even found a Zara Purse for $8.99- its so cute. Thrifting in a larger city is much more better, since there is more selection. I think I'll do some more shopping next week :P

Needless to say- I had a pretty great weekend.


On Friday, the items I ordered from Great Glam and DH Styles arrived. I love both these sites because since the items are shipped through USPS- I never have to pay a border fee, since they are shipped to my mail box. The Corset Belt I ordered from DH Styles is gorgeous, I purchased it in Size Small/Medium. Its still slightly to big for my waist, but it isn't to noticeable, or uncomfortable luckily.

This goes great with a lot of my longer shirts, which are my favourite style.


I also like the items I purchased from Great Glam- however the black shirt I picked out doesn't seem to fit correctly on my arms- there's way to much room, and it isn't as form fitting as I would like it to be- The purple shirt is gorgeous though. Since I had so much luck thrifting, I think I'll give Great Glam a break for awhile.

I have a few hauls arriving in the mail this week hopefully. Hope everyone has a great week :)

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