Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Review: Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner & Vita-K Blotchy Skin Moisturiser!

Firstly, I would like to thank all my new followers! it means so much to me <3 I don't have time to blog often, so I never thought I would get any readers- Thanks so much everyone!

A few months ago, I stumbled upon an amazing moisturiser. It was the Vita-K moisturiser for blotchy skin- it was on clearance for $5.00... and somehow, I misplaced it. about 2 weeks ago I found it and began using it. Its a really good product, it almost airbrushes your skin when applied- and removes any redness. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and perfect. I hate when moisturisers feel greasy, or to light. I use this during the day, and mixed with my night time cream as well. its perfect for any skin type, I find I don't wake up with my skin feeling oily when I mix this in with my night time cream.


So Argan Oil has been getting quite the buzz lately. I myself have decided to try out a few products that I have been researching. I'm going to Sally's Beauty Supply this Friday to try some of the One n' Only Argan oil hair products
Have any of you tired any products from this line? They have some pretty positive reviews on Makeupalley. I can't even believe this, but there has been a Sally's near my town for the last few years- and I just found out a few days ago when I was googling the website LOL :D I'm glad I found out, because I'll be saving on shipping costs, and time. I cannot wait to see what other items they carry. I also may try the Live Clean Argan Oil- I have the Live Clean Argan Oil styling creme, and its quite divine :)

Moving on- I have been using the Organix Argan Oil Conditioner, and I have mixed reviews on it. Maybe I should incorporate the Argan Oil Shampoo, or another Organix Shampoo (I wanted to try the Coconut Milk) .....

When applied to my hair, it does not lather- since its sulfate free. At first, this seemed and felt odd. Its almost like my hair didn't feel soft, like it does with my other conditioners. Anywho, I rinsed and styled my hair as usual (blow dry, and straighten, various products etc...) and I have to say- it slightly tamed my hair, but not much. Now my hair is never manageable the first day I wash it. The Second and Third day after washing, my hair gives me no troubles- and looks the way I want it to (to be clear, I shower everyday- I just don't wash my hair everyday) .... I guess I sort of expected this to really tame my hair, but it didn't- the scent is amazing though :) way better then my L'oreal Conditioner.

All in all, I'm not to impressed with this- but I will use if I purchase a Organix Shampoo. However, I feel like I'll have more luck with the One n' Only products.

I hope you found this review helpful! :) Any suggestions on what your favourite Argan Oil products are, please leave a comment.



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