Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Skincare, Haircare and Makeup Haul...

Hey Peeps :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I found a lot of great deals while shopping this past weekend. I finally picked up one of the Maybelline Color Tattoos in 'Tough as Taupe'- and now, I want every shade! 'Tough as Taupe' is a great base for darker eyeshadows, or it can be worn alone- and just last night for fun, I decided to use it to fill in my eyebrows- and I have to say, its the perfect undertone for lighter blonde hair! I found that since I dyed my hair lighter, my usual favorite brow pencil looked slightly to dark, this is the perfect color. I set it with MAC's Omega e/s- also, its insanely long lasting. I also picked up the Milani Brow Pencil in 'Natural Taupe' (since I didn't purchase the Color Tattoo with the inention if it being a good brow color) but its very dark, I really wouldn't call it a Taupe color :( I love that I can get a precise line, but the color just isn't working. Lately,  my eyes have been getting a little irriated, and I thought maybe Eyelash Adhesive had turned against me- but I also thought it may have been my eyeliner for my waterline. I use one my L'oreal H.I.P and its still new, but I heard good things about the Revlon Colorstay eyeliner- and I love it :) its not as messy as my L'oreal liner, and my eyes didn't bother me one bit *success* :D


As for Skincare- I'm only 22, but I'm alread prepping my skin so I wont get to many wrinkles in the future. My Mom is 54 and has amazing skin, she always told me she used a nighttime and daytime wrinkle moisturiser- even in her teens. Now, many of these moisturisers ( I find) are super heavy, and leave my skin greasy. I don't mind a heavy night time lotion, but I dont want my day lotion to interfere with my foundation. The Garnier Ultra Lift was on sale for 50% off- and my mom uses Garnier now, and she says the day creams are never to heavy- and she was right. This is the perfect day moisturiser- You only need a little bit, and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and moisturized. I'm glad I found this- and on sale to!

The Roc Toner (or as they call it- 'Cleansing Water') was a random purchase. I have taken a peek at Roc products, but they seem a little overpriced- this was on sale for a steal, so I thought why not. I dont like most toners since they have either to much fragrance, or they are drying. This one has a mild scent, and really refreshes your skin :) My all time favorte toner is Clinique's Clarifying Toner- I really should purchase it again.


I really have no preferences when it comes to what haircare products I use, as long as they're moisturising and will tame fly-aways and leave my hair soft. I never use hairspray, but the Perfect Lengths Hair Spray by Pantene claims to fight humidity. I personally don't like Pantene products- but there where so many things on clearance at Superstore, that I thought it would be fun to try some new products. I love the Hairspray, after I straighten my hair- I spritz some in my palms and lights apply it anywhere I'm prone to fly aways, and it instantly tames them. I LOATHE fly-aways lol and this makes it look like I have none :) The Leave in Protection by Herbal Essences is great to, it smells so good- and it leaves the ends of my hair very soft- and it can be used on dry, or damp hair.


Well that was my weekend haul :) Hope you enjoyed. I love how brands are releasing so many great products, that seem like they are great quality- Revlon has some new Photo Ready Primers, and I wouldn't mind trying one of them out.

Have a great week everyone <3

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