Monday, 19 March 2012

Drugstore Goodies...

Hi everyone!

I hope all of you have a great weekend! I've had a bit of a cold and flu- but it seems to be getting better. I also started back at work last week. My job is seasonal, so I had a 4 month break. I love my job :)

Any who, while getting some stuff for my flu (chicken soup, Tylenol Etc...) I picked up a few things from the drugstore. One of the items by Palmers is really amazing for smoothing your hair if you love a sleek, soft style, while at the same time- helping your hair grow (which is claims to do on the back of the product) ........

Palmers Moisture Gro smells amazing! its kinda like a balm, and has a oily texture- However, it will NOT leave your hair greasy at all. Its better then any serum I have tried. Even though my hair is long, I want it a tiny bit longer and thought I would add this to my routine. I have become obsessed with this :-)

Product Description:

Enriched with Pure Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Pure Lanolin and Vitamin E, Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Gro Shining Hairdress is a daily pomade that gives hair incredible shine and softness.  The clean tropical fragrance of coconut leaves hair smelling terrific ALL day long.


I also picked up a new Mascara by N.Y.C, a Garnier Hair Mask and the Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki Brush. I have yet to test them out.

 I have tried the the Garnier 3 minute Hair Mask- and its really good. In combination with my Palmers Protein Pack, it has really made my hair soft and manageable again.


I hope all of you had a great weekend! and I would like to Thank all my new Followers :-) I can't believe I have 36!

Thanks so much everyone! I'm planning to do some major shoe and clothing haulage the next few weeks, I'll be posting pics :-)


Thursday, 8 March 2012

If you Love Lashes...

If you Love Lashes...

Then You'll probably love lower lashes as well :) Since discovering the world of falsies 3 years ago, I got hooked. I love how they finish any look- they're like the cherry on top of a Sundae <3

Lately, I have been wanting to try bottom lashes as well. I know it seems like much, by my lower lashes are pretty ridiculous (just like my upper lashes, actually) .... Many mascara's that I have tried will make my lower lashes look very sculpted and lush- for about 3 minutes. After the mascara dries, my eye lashes basically bend and end up looking dry and bent out of place (this goes for both bottom and top lashes) .....

The only mascara to date that worked was my Beloved Zoomlash by MAC- but lately, its stopped working as well as it use to. My other favourite was L'oreal's Voluminous- but it smudged under my eyes after a few hours. Recently, I purchased some lashes from and I ordered a pair of the Red Cherry # 75 Lashes....

I decided to try them out this morning, and I honestly thought I would struggle to apply them. I thought my eyes would water, and I would be clumsy and end up irritating my eyes. Luckily, my Revlon adhesive is very gentle, and these are so simple to apply! You may want to cut the lashes if they are to long, but my eyes are pretty round, so it was a perfect fit :)

I cannot say how amazing these looked! for once, my lashes looked so nice and sculpted. Also, these aren't overly dramatic, so they looked natural. They where also very comfortable, I wasn't aware that they where on. Now, I wont clearly apply these everyday- but I highly suggest them if you like a more sculpted look, or have tiny lower lashes.

I apologise for lack of photo's on my Blog. I'm a perfectionist, and my camera is horrible. Before purchasing a new camera, I would like to do as much research as possible- I want a camera that will be good at taking all kind of photo's, especially up close. You have no idea how many times I have wanted to take a picture of my makeup for a FOTD post- only to be left with a grainy photo. I tried so hard to take a perfect photo of my makeup today to showcase these lashes, to no avail :(

Once I get a new camera, I'll be posting a ton of photo's :)

So I hope you take my word on how great these little lashes are- Have a great weekend Dolls <3


Monday, 5 March 2012

My Experience with Bleaching My Hair- An In Depth Review...

Hi everyone :D

So last week, I finally went to Sally's Beauty Supply for the first time! I was so excited, and as I walked in- I was in makeup and hair care heaven.

I really wasn't prepared for the extent of how many beauty products where in each aisle! They have everything, even eyelashes. My main focus though, was getting some products to bleach my hair. I've had my hair a darker blonde for a couple years- and I thought it was time for a change. I love the look of platinum blonde hair, its so beautiful. Before going to Sally's I watched numerous videos on bleaching hair- and I decided I wanted to buy a 40 volume developer (my aim was a white blonde, without any yellow tones)  The person who helped me out was super nice, she suggest ION- as the smell is more bearable then most bleaches (ION's Developer and powder lightener smells like green apples) .....However, she suggested I go with a 30 volume developer (big mistake! I should have followed my gut feeling) and I figured since she was a professional- that I would take her advice. I also wanted to go with the Salon Care developer- I know now that I should have gone with my original list. Oh well, now I know for next time! Luckily, I can always go back and purchase a smaller bottle of the 40 Volume.

Here is what I purchased:

For reference, here are the prices:

ION Mixing Bowl: $2.79
ION Applicator Brush: $1.59
Shiny Silver Purple Shampoo: $10.49
ION Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Developer: $7.19
ION Powder Lightener: $25.79
Wella Toner (not pictured) $10.00

DAY # 1: I did a strand test as soon as I got home, and it turned out great and I decided to bleach my hair that day. I sectioned my hair- and made sure each strand was saturated from root to tip. I left it on for 50 minutes (which is the longest they recommend you leave bleach on for) and I went to rinse it out. As expected, some parts where brassy, with a few yellowish parts. I went to bed, and decided to bleach a second time the next day. Bleaching more then once is often required, so I wasn't worried.

DAY # 2: I repeated everything the next day, and was still left with so many uneven and patchy area's :( I was really annoyed, because I was doing everything correctly. I knew this was happening because I had gone with a 30 volume- I really should have just gone with my gut feeling and purchased a 40 Volume. Any who, I was told by the Sally's SA that spot bleaching is fine- which is what I did. Still, nothing. It didn't look horrible- but it wasn't the white blonde I craved. Also, the colour was not compatible with my skin tone (it made me look very red- and I never have had a problem with any redness) .....

DAY # 3: I decided to use the Toner that the Sally's SA told me would work wonders. 5 minutes after applying it to my hair, my hair started looking gray! I rinsed it out, and was left with very ashy hair. It wasn't a full on grey, but it wasn't a nice colour. I was so stressed out :(

DAY # 4:  I recalled reading a review of a Feria Haircolor when I was researching boxed colours that would give a nice, light blonde colour.  It was the shade 110 (very light beige blonde) 2 reviewers had the same issue as me, a toner had left their hair gray (and this colour fixed it) ..... My sweet boyfriend (who was really supportive throughout this whole mess) went and purchased the dye for me. I crossed my fingers, and 45 minutes later washed my hair. As I took the towel off my hair, I opened my eyes and finally saw what I had wanted the bleach to do in the first place. A gorgeous white blonde, without a single brass or yellow tone! I was so happy, and all the anxiety I had melted away :) also, it brings out my skin tone so nicely!

Thank You, Feria! <3

I know that was a long post, but I thought I would share it with anyone wanting to bleach their hair. I have never been a fan of salons. I would always come out with my hair looking just like it did when I coloured it myself. However, bleach can be very tricky for a beginner. When I explained what had happened to another Sally's SA over the phone, she said I should have clearly gone with a 40 Volume Developer, and a toner would most likely not be needed. I should have known to go with my gut, I always do- Oh well, lesson learnt. All in all, everything worked out :) I have the colour I want, and when my roots grow in- I'll use a 40 volume.  If you aren't sure, going to a salon might be best. I've always liked doing my hair myself, so it was a somewhat fun experiment.
In the process, my hair got very dry- but I discovered a Miracle Hair Mask that completely rejuvinated my hair. Its the Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack with Vitamin E. I left this on my damp hair for 30 minutes, and I was floored by how soft my hair was after. I wish Palmers would sell bottles of this stuff! it smells amazing to :) I actually use it as a  daily conditioner because it doesn't hold a candle to any conditioner I have ever tried. If your hair needs a major damage control, this will do the job. The packet it quite large, and so far has lasted me around 5 uses- and for only $3.00, I'm impressed!


Saturday, 3 March 2012

Versatile Beauty Blogger Award!

Hi ladies!

So I was nominated by the lovely Lizza Bella Beauty from for the Versatile Beauty Blogger Award :)

This was really unexpected, and such a pick-me up after the bad few days I have been having. Thanks so much Lizza! <3

The Rules:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

7 Random Facts About Myself :

1. I'm very meticulous about things somewhat matching-
not excessively, but not to the point where things are mismatched (this applies from everything to makeup, decor and clothes)

2.  I love stuffed animals- Bunnies, Sheep, Hello Kitty, Puppies- Anything :)

3. Even though I love thrifting- I use to hate thrift stores when I was in my teens. I never pictured them having nice clothes- I was so wrong!

4. I can speak two languages- English and Polish

5. Even though I can apply makeup very well to myself, I cannot apply it on other people (and I've practiced a lot!)
I'm very good at giving makeup advice though.

6. I love older sitcoms on TV- like Three's Company, Who's the Boss, Married with Children etc..

7. I'm kinda obsessed with cleaning and organizing. I cannot stand a mess, or anything out of place for to long