Thursday, 8 March 2012

If you Love Lashes...

If you Love Lashes...

Then You'll probably love lower lashes as well :) Since discovering the world of falsies 3 years ago, I got hooked. I love how they finish any look- they're like the cherry on top of a Sundae <3

Lately, I have been wanting to try bottom lashes as well. I know it seems like much, by my lower lashes are pretty ridiculous (just like my upper lashes, actually) .... Many mascara's that I have tried will make my lower lashes look very sculpted and lush- for about 3 minutes. After the mascara dries, my eye lashes basically bend and end up looking dry and bent out of place (this goes for both bottom and top lashes) .....

The only mascara to date that worked was my Beloved Zoomlash by MAC- but lately, its stopped working as well as it use to. My other favourite was L'oreal's Voluminous- but it smudged under my eyes after a few hours. Recently, I purchased some lashes from and I ordered a pair of the Red Cherry # 75 Lashes....

I decided to try them out this morning, and I honestly thought I would struggle to apply them. I thought my eyes would water, and I would be clumsy and end up irritating my eyes. Luckily, my Revlon adhesive is very gentle, and these are so simple to apply! You may want to cut the lashes if they are to long, but my eyes are pretty round, so it was a perfect fit :)

I cannot say how amazing these looked! for once, my lashes looked so nice and sculpted. Also, these aren't overly dramatic, so they looked natural. They where also very comfortable, I wasn't aware that they where on. Now, I wont clearly apply these everyday- but I highly suggest them if you like a more sculpted look, or have tiny lower lashes.

I apologise for lack of photo's on my Blog. I'm a perfectionist, and my camera is horrible. Before purchasing a new camera, I would like to do as much research as possible- I want a camera that will be good at taking all kind of photo's, especially up close. You have no idea how many times I have wanted to take a picture of my makeup for a FOTD post- only to be left with a grainy photo. I tried so hard to take a perfect photo of my makeup today to showcase these lashes, to no avail :(

Once I get a new camera, I'll be posting a ton of photo's :)

So I hope you take my word on how great these little lashes are- Have a great weekend Dolls <3



  1. i love false ones, and i love trying diferent ones, so thankyou!!!
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