Friday, 27 April 2012

Sally's Beauty Supply Haul + Review

Hi Girlies-

So this past week, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply again to stock up on some items.

My roots where beginning to show up- and I wanted to try the Salon Care 20 Volume Developer. I have the ION 30 Volume Developer, but it really isn't that great :( I purchased the ION Developer the first time because the Sally's SA assured me it was the best. My gut feeling was to go with Salon Care in the first place- but I went by her recommendation instead. My bleaching experience was pretty up and down- I read reviews afterwards on the ION developer, and many people said that they preferred Salon Care's Developers. Anywho, I decided to go with the 20 Volume- and hoped that my roots wouldn't be brassy, and that they wouldn't have to be toned. I mixed the Developer with the ION Powder Lightener and covered all my roots evenly. I waited a total of 60 minutes, and rinsed with Purple Shampoo. My roots came out a perfect, I then toned my roots for 3 minutes- then applied the rest of the toner to my hair for 2 minutes.  I was so thrilled, and relieved when I achieved that perfect white Blonde!  I should have gone with the Salon care from the beginning- it would have saved my hair from alot of damage. Now I know :) and highly recommend it!

I hope this helps anyone out who wants to bleach their hair- Since blogger changed their look, I noticed that no one really reads my blog :( it kinda bummed me out because I take time on pictures, and research. However, I'll keep writing up posts :-) if I can help anyone, that would make my day.

While I was there, I purchased the Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo (Love it!) Well T18 Toner, a One n' Only Argan Oil Conditioner Packet, and a Sally Girl Lipgloss. The lipgloss is very pretty- it reminds me of MAC's Underage Lipglass- and it was only $1.00

Hope all of you have a fabulous weekend! I have a MAC, All Cosmetics Wholesale & Great Glam Hauls arriving in the mail that I can't wait to share.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sephora Haul!

So my Sephora Haul arrived in the mail yesterday! I was really anxious to get this loot because I have been really wanting to try the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I used it this morning, and its amazing! it mattifed instantly, I can't wait to see how my eyeshadow holds up today. Along with the UD Primer Potion, I purchased a Hello Kitty Amour compact mirror, Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in Light, an the Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil in 'Honey Blonde' .......

I used the Benefit Boi-ing concealer a long time ago, and recalled how much I liked it. I actually no longer am using foundation- only concealer. I like how concealer cover and blend. I may eventually return to using them, but at the moment- I'm loving concealer. I wanted to try the Brow Pencil because I like having variety. I love my Maybelline Define-A-Brow, but I always am open to trying new products. I shape my brows with the maybelline 'Tough as Taupe' Color Tattoo eyeshadow, then finish the front of my brows and fill them in with a brow pencil :) The Sephora brow pencil is a really great colour match!

As always, I got 3 samples with my order- and I got a Deluxe sample of a CoverFx Primer because I had 100 points, and I had a code that got me a Bare Mineral Eyeshadow Primer as well. I love freebies :P

I forsee more Sephora Hauls in my future LOL :-)


Monday, 23 April 2012

MAC & Drugstore Haul, Foxy Locks Extensions + More!

Hi everyone-

Hope all of you had a great weekend! :)

I had lots of fun! I shopped like crazy at the mall, did some thrifting, bought some Salon hair products and made some drugstore makeup & beauty purchases. I found the most perfect jeans at Sirens, so I purchased two pairs- and I'm going back to get more colors! they are beyond amazing! While thrifting- I purchased a white Spring/Summer jacket, a huge purse, some bracelets and vintage 70's Sunglasses.

I also purchased some Salon Hair Care for my damaged hair- and I have to say, that when it comes to hair repair products- I'll be sticking to the Salon. I picked up the Joico K-Pak Reconstructor and the Redken Anti-Snap leave in. Both are Protein treatments.

 At first, I HATED the Redken Anti-Snap- it made my hair very tangly, and my brush wouldn't even go through my hair. I called the Salon, and even though it staes on the bottle that it should be used everytime after towel drying your hair- it should only be used once a week or twice at most (accoriding to the stylist I spoke to) to much Protein build-up can make hair very brittle. Since I had a bad reaction form the get go, I now just use this on my ends- not all my hair (and its working) .........

The second product I picked up was the Joico Reconstructor. Any of you ladies that bleach need this in your life. This repaired all my damage in two uses! no joke. It makes your hair thick, full and soft. I was amazed! I have spent so much money on hair repair products from the drugstore- after a few uses, they kinda lost thier magic & stopped working. I should have tried this right away. I really wish I had this when I first bleached my hair. I'm very glad I stumbled upon a review of this on Makeupalley. This product tamed some of that annoying breakage I had. Finally, I purchased Moroccan Oil by Live Clean. I really like it- Its basically like a very strong hair serum. I have tried so many hair serums that I have lost count. This one is by far my favorite :)


In other exciting beauty news, my Foxy Locks Superior Extensions arrived last week! and after a few days and hours of practicing, I finally figured out how to blend them with my natural hair. Let me say, I'm hooked on them! The color I purchased was 'Light Ash Blonde' - the color is spot on. However, I should have gone with the deluxe set because there are so many extensions in the Superior set, and I cannot use them all. I only use one 3-clip,  one  4-clip, and four 1-clip wefts. After that I have a ton of pieces left over. I have an issue with the Volumizer Weft though- it doesn't really snap shut very well. My hair is thin/medium texture (if that makes sense) ...and the weft is acting like my hair is to thick. I also did not recieve a 3-clip weft also. I have contacted Foxy Locks and hopefully get a response. I'm not to worried about it though because like I mentioned- I have a ton of hair left over. At first, I could not apply the extensions very well & I was kinda annoyed. I simply looked up more tutorials and found a very good one that helped me out alot. I'll be doing a very in depth review on these soon!


Now onto the MAC & Drugstore stuff! I have been purchasing a lot of stuff from MAC that I have been wanting to try. The last thing on my list to purchase are 10 eyeshadows to fill up my palette. I popped out the insert and I can fit 21 eyeshadows now, which is so much more better! Anywho- I purchased the MAC Matte Gel, and Gingerly Blush. I have been loving the blush so much! I have fallen in love with the Sheertone Formula. I have been testing out the Matte Gel, and so far its really good. I use it over my Primer in area's where my skin gets most oily throughout the day. I also purchased Studio Fix Powder in NC15. I finally feel like I have my perfect match now since bleaching my hair :)


Even though I purchased lots of stuff this week, I didn't take pictures of most of it. It was mostly boring stuff (makeup sponges, hair clips, mini cosmetics bags, a mini makeup mirror etc...) I went to this discount store that is a major guilty pleasure. I found all the stuff I was going to buy from Wal-Mart and then some. I even found this lash growth serum by L'oreal for $4.00 :) So I have been using that for a few days to. Now in Wal-Mart, I picked the new Revlon Primer and some Ecotools Brushes. So far, I'm really impressed with them- especially the Bronzing Brush.


Lastly, I purchased Nicki Minaj's new CD, I love Nicki- she's one Bad Bitch :-)  and the new super cute Hard Candy Traincase!

It isn't anywhere near large enough to fit all my makeup, but I use it to store my lashes, beauty tools, and other items. I can't seem to find a picture of it on Google, so it must have just been released? Anywho, I love all of Hard Candy's packaging. I really wish it would fit all my makeup, and it would if I made a blush palette and pressed my loose pigments into a eyeshadow palette. Eventually I'll get around to working on that project. This past weekend, I also figured out a new technique with my eyeshadow- and I'm super happy I tried it out! I basically extend my lid color, and I don't get any of my lid color transfering into my crease color :) I have a Sephora Haul coming up that I'm very excited to share, and some clothing from Great Glam.

Have a great week Lovelies


Saturday, 14 April 2012

MAC & Drugstore Haul

Hey Dolls!

So I got a MAC Haul in a few days ago, as well as an the other day :)

I purchased the Studio Finish concealer in NC15 because since coloring my hair lighter, my skintone seems to have changed :( which is exceedingly annoying because I have had to go one shade lighter in most of my favorite products. I'll also be ordering a Studio Fix in NC15 as well. I went with NC20 with the Select Cover-Up since it tends to run light.

I also purchased Pink Swoon :-) its a gorgeous blush! I have been using it every day since I got it. Its the perfect Dolly Pink.

Here's some pics <3


The very next day, MAC had free express shipping- so I purchased Blot Powder in Medium, and an eyeshadow refill in 'Smut'- I want to fill up one more MAC palette and complete my eyeshadow collection.


I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend :)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Drugstore Hauling ...

Hi girlies!

Hope everyone's having a great Holiday Weekend. I have a day off tomorrow which I'm really happy about.  I have a couple hauls coming in the mail from MAC, Sephora and Foxy Locks! I can't wait to share what I purchased.

Last week I made a few purchases at the Drugstore, and I have been using the items everyday this week- and I'm very pleased with every item! :-) that's a first, because usually something I buy doesn't end up being a favorite.

The L'oreal Infallible foundation is incredible! I can't believe I have never tried this. When applied, it blends like a dream- and then locks into your skin, leaving a matte finish. The NYC Primer is new, and its pretty good :) I've been testing it out, and it really mattifies quickly. The Last product is by Prestige- its a Wet/Dry powder foundation. I used this back in the day, and recalled how much I liked it. I'm waiting for my Studio Fix Powder in the mail, and purchased this- but I'm thinking I like this more!

I purchased L'oreal Lineur Intense, it was another favorite if mine. My NYC and Wet N' Wild liners have kinda been annoying me lately- the pigmentation seems to be getting weak.  this is a gorgoeus rich black color. I also picked up the maybelline Define-a-Brow in 'Dark Blond' - my favorite NYC liner was just to dark for my new hair- and I wanted something softer. I like how I have more control with this to.

And finally, this cutie! I am so happy we got these in Canada! when I saw them, I just had to buy one. The packaging is beyond adorable. The product itself is wonderful to, I use it before I apply lipstick and gloss- and it actually makes my lipstick last longer. Prior to purchasing this, I was looking into maybe purchasing a lip primer.


I have been obsessed with products the Drugstore has been releasing. I love my high end stuff, but I started out buying stuff at from the drugstore- and sometimes, its nice to find gems here and there <3


Monday, 2 April 2012

Just a little update & Review ....

Hi Dolls <3

I have been dealing with a really bad cold that doesn't seem to want to go away :(

I'll start to feel better, then the next day I feel awful again. My Doctor said I need a good weeks worth of rest (doesn't help that I've been working) ....So I took some major TLC time this weekend, and finally feel much better! My boyfriend made the best chicken soup, and we cuddled all weekend watching movies.

Since I've started work, I wanted a faster foundation routine- you know, the kind where it looks like you've taken hours to do lol :P and I've finally found it.

Enter Hard Candy's Glamoflauge Concealer:

I've had this for quite some time now, and recently started using it as an all over foundation. Its pretty incredible! it covers everything up, and the light shade matches my skin tone perfectly. I apply this, some under eye concealer and then some MAC concealer for extra coverage. Then I set with some powder. The whole routine takes about 8 minutes, which is awesome!

I hate rushing in the morning, so this gives me plenty of time to work on my eye makeup (which is my favourite) .... I highly rec. this to anybody. It comes with a little concealer stick, but I have only used it once. Its handy to fix mistakes- for example, if you get some mascara on your skin or liquid liner etc.....

Among other news, I have really embraced my new Platinum hair! I've gotten many compliments, and I just love it. The first week, I felt a bit out of place- now I don't know why I didn't colour it sooner! I did however, suffer some breakage around my hair line :( but some deep conditioning has helped.

I hope all of girlies had a nice weekend :-)