Friday, 27 April 2012

Sally's Beauty Supply Haul + Review

Hi Girlies-

So this past week, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply again to stock up on some items.

My roots where beginning to show up- and I wanted to try the Salon Care 20 Volume Developer. I have the ION 30 Volume Developer, but it really isn't that great :( I purchased the ION Developer the first time because the Sally's SA assured me it was the best. My gut feeling was to go with Salon Care in the first place- but I went by her recommendation instead. My bleaching experience was pretty up and down- I read reviews afterwards on the ION developer, and many people said that they preferred Salon Care's Developers. Anywho, I decided to go with the 20 Volume- and hoped that my roots wouldn't be brassy, and that they wouldn't have to be toned. I mixed the Developer with the ION Powder Lightener and covered all my roots evenly. I waited a total of 60 minutes, and rinsed with Purple Shampoo. My roots came out a perfect, I then toned my roots for 3 minutes- then applied the rest of the toner to my hair for 2 minutes.  I was so thrilled, and relieved when I achieved that perfect white Blonde!  I should have gone with the Salon care from the beginning- it would have saved my hair from alot of damage. Now I know :) and highly recommend it!

I hope this helps anyone out who wants to bleach their hair- Since blogger changed their look, I noticed that no one really reads my blog :( it kinda bummed me out because I take time on pictures, and research. However, I'll keep writing up posts :-) if I can help anyone, that would make my day.

While I was there, I purchased the Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo (Love it!) Well T18 Toner, a One n' Only Argan Oil Conditioner Packet, and a Sally Girl Lipgloss. The lipgloss is very pretty- it reminds me of MAC's Underage Lipglass- and it was only $1.00

Hope all of you have a fabulous weekend! I have a MAC, All Cosmetics Wholesale & Great Glam Hauls arriving in the mail that I can't wait to share.



  1. I've never used ION developer for bleaching, but I swear by it when I dye my hair red. Love it! Also the argon oil hair mask from Sally's the one you bought is amazing and my favorite!

    1. hi :)

      I personally didn't like the ION for bleaching :( but the Salon care us awesome!

      I've been loving the Argan oil conditioner I purcahsed to =) I'll have to go back and get the full size.