Saturday, 26 May 2012

Just a Little Haul ...

from a few different places :)

Hi everyone! Hope all of you had a great Long Weekend- I enjoyed the day off, and relaxed with my boyfriend, and shopped for a few goodies.



I picked up the Britney Spears Circus Fantasy Perfume from Shoppers for only $20- a really great find since both the Britney Perfumes I found where the largest size- and those normally run for quite a bit more.  I plan on picking up the original Fantasy this weekend, its my favourite scent.


(just a quick ref. my camera makes this foundation's undertone look pink- but its neutral IRL)


The Cover FX foundation was a complete impulse purchase, I recently saw a Youtube tutorial by Kandee Johnson, and she used this as a concealer- and it seemed to have great coverage. Its far to heavy as an all over foundation, but its perfect as a concealer, as its very thick and heavy.


These where some random purchases from Wal-Mart- The Hard Candy Honey Moon blush is a really nice highlighter, I find its not really a blush because it only shows up as a light pink shimmer (on my skin tone) ... The Maybelline Baby Lips Balm is also nice, but not something to rave about- I find it goes on clear, but its nice under lipsticks.


I did purchase some other random things, like the Neutrogena Wave & a Blush Brush (not the greatest haha!) by Spa Resource, and a N.Y.C black waterproof eyeliner- its actually quite good, and it was very inexpensive. I also received some of my usual Red Cherry Lashes in the mail.

I'm planning to purchase a few MAC face brushes- the 168 has been grabbing my eye, as well as the 116 Blush Brush. I also am going to order the NARS foundation- my skin has been very oily lately, and its driving me banana's! so maybe one of thier foundations that I have been researching will work-  I have never tried anything from NARS before, so maybe I'll have a new brand obsession :-)

In other news, I was thinking that maybe this blog should focus more on hauls, kind of like a haul diary? I understand why my posts don't get many views- I don't have tutorials, and the reason I don't have swatches is because my camera doesn't pick up pigmentation of products very well. Its something to think about.

Have a great day Dolls!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mini Haul!

Hi everyone-

Just a quick post about a haul from Shoppers Drug Mart Yesterday- I was on the hunt for a new powder foundation, I love my Studio Fix, but I always love trying new products out. The Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural really isn't working that well unfortunately.

Anywho- I wanted to purchase the Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Powder for awhile, but the lightest shade looked extremely orange. However, when swatched- it looked very light. The one thing I love about my Shoppers (USA Ladies, Shoppers Drug Mart is kind of like ULTA) .....are the SA's :-) They are so friendly, and helpful. The SA gladly helped me out and tested this on my neck, and face- I really liked the coverage. She told me if there was any issue with it, I could return it. She also threw in a few Shiseido and Vichy Skincare Samples. Right before I was about to pay, I noticed a whole wall of Perfume on sale for $20 - and I instantly grabbed the Britney Spears ' Believe ' Perfume. I have a medium sized version of this, and I just love it- and they had the 1 more larger size left, so I'm glad I got a hold of it.  They also had a few more I wanted to test out, but I was pressed for time- so I plan on going back Friday.


I Tested out the powder today, and its lovely. However, I think in order for any of my powders to last- I need to set everything with my MAC Blot Powder. I don't even bother wearing any other powder without first setting everything with it. I just wish it had more product, I hit pan in 3 weeks! which is odd, because I don't use much of it when I set everything. Anywho, I will try this out without my Blot Powder  one day- maybe on a lazy Saturday, so if it starts eating away at my foundation, at least I'll know before a full work day.

Have a gorgeous day!


Monday, 14 May 2012

MAC & Drugstore Hauling...

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently stumbled upon some great Drugstore Finds. Two of them are the Milani Brow Fix in ' Light'- and the Milani Brow Tint Pen in ' Taupe '-

I have been using these for a few days, and really like them. I prefer the brow powders more, as I can easily shape my brows in no time, since I have the MAC 208 Brush helping me out. I really like that these powders are pigmented, I really tried using MAC's Omega eyeshadow for my brows, but it just does not show up- and when it finally does (after tons of layers) it looks muddy.

The Brow Tint Pen is really nice for filling in the brows, it kind of acts like a base.


Another product, which isn't a drugstore brand- but is sold at Shoppers here in Canada, is the GOSH Darling Lipstick. I have been in love with this product, and have officially kissed MAC's Myth, and Fleshpot goodbye. I recently ran out of both, and really didn't feel like ordering them again- they just didn't last long, and I didn't like the colours to much (I always had to mix them with my OCC lip tar in Conquest) ... I remembered that GOSH had this lipstick, and I always wanted to try it- but somehow forgot about it. Its the perfect lippie, it goes on pigmented, and very glossy. I love Lipgloss, but I find it just eats away at my lipsticks. Also, this lipstick is very long lasting- I rarely find myself reapplying throughout the day, which is very convenient.

(Photo Courtesy of


I also recieved my MAC Haul. I purcahased the Studio Sculpt Concealer and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. I was curious about the MSFN because I wanted a change from my Blot Powder. I adore Blot Powder, but I hit pan in about 3 weeks time. There simply isn't enough- and I'm kinda annoyed that I have to always repurchase it. I wish Blot Powder had the same grams as Studio Fix.

Anywho- so far, the MSFN is working good :) I still mix my Blot Powder with it, but at least I don't have to use as much. As for the Studio Sculpt Concealer, I just love it. Its so creamy, and blends very well into my skin tone. I pretty much will be taking a break from makeup I think for awhile haha I have mostly everything I need-I just need to fill up one more MAC palette with eyeshadows.


I hope all of you had a great weekend. I might be taking a break from blogging because since blogger has changed its look- I noticed that pretty much no one reads my blog :( its kind of desheartening- because I feel like my posts are nice, and I take time on editing my pictures. Sometimes, blogging isn't for everybody I guess :(


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

MAC & All Cosmetics Wholesale Haul + Review!

Hi Peeps!

I recently purchased lots of products from the drugstore that I have been loving- I also received a few hauls in the mail. Lately, I have been on a primer spree- my goal is to achieve all day wear from my foundation & powder. After 6 hours with a primer, and MAC Blot Powder- I would have to touch up. I knew I had to change my moisturiser if I wanted to achieve all day wear, and also have my makeup look freshly applied all day.

I researched moisturisers from a few brands, and decided to stick with MAC- its my favourite high end brand, and mostly- it never lets me down. I purchased the Oil Control Lotion- and hoped for the best. I applied it a day after receiving it after cleansing. I then went on with my primer, foundation, concealer & powder.

(I purchased the 30ml- just in case I didn't like it)


I start work at 8am, and finish at 3:30pm- I usually have my face makeup done around 7:15am. I was so amazed that by 4pm, I did not have to touch-up my makeup once- and my foundation looked just as good as it did that morning :) and at 7pm that night- I finally had to touch up my T-zone with my blot powder.

Success! :-)

The next day, and day after and all week- I have not had to spend time touching up at lunch- I cannot explain how nice this is. Now, I do use other oil control products with this and a primer (Revlon Primer or MAC gel Primer, Blot Powder) and sometimes I dab a teeny tiny it of Urban Decays Primer Potion on my T-zone- so I clearly incorporate more products to help.

 BTW- the Primer Potion is just amazing as well- it has made my eyeshadows last well into the night. I cannot believe I didn't try it all these years. And yes, it can be used on the face- but sparingly, not all over.


Among other hauls, I got my MAC 275 and 208 Brushes :)  I really love them. The 208 is really nice for shaping the perfect brows in no time, and also shaping a cut crease look. I also like it for apply gel liner on my waterline, and creating winged liner.

(I already had used the 208 at this point...)

The 275 Brush is really nice for blending out eyeshadows on the outer corners, and crease. I tend to have a love/hate thing going on with my MAC 217 and 224 haha. Sometimes, I just don't like using them.

Anywho, I have a Drugstore and MAC Haul coming up :-)
I also received my Great Glam Haul- but I since the items I purchased are already sold out, I can't post product pictures- Hopefully I'll find them- I got 3 cute dresses. Have a great week dolls!