Saturday, 26 May 2012

Just a Little Haul ...

from a few different places :)

Hi everyone! Hope all of you had a great Long Weekend- I enjoyed the day off, and relaxed with my boyfriend, and shopped for a few goodies.



I picked up the Britney Spears Circus Fantasy Perfume from Shoppers for only $20- a really great find since both the Britney Perfumes I found where the largest size- and those normally run for quite a bit more.  I plan on picking up the original Fantasy this weekend, its my favourite scent.


(just a quick ref. my camera makes this foundation's undertone look pink- but its neutral IRL)


The Cover FX foundation was a complete impulse purchase, I recently saw a Youtube tutorial by Kandee Johnson, and she used this as a concealer- and it seemed to have great coverage. Its far to heavy as an all over foundation, but its perfect as a concealer, as its very thick and heavy.


These where some random purchases from Wal-Mart- The Hard Candy Honey Moon blush is a really nice highlighter, I find its not really a blush because it only shows up as a light pink shimmer (on my skin tone) ... The Maybelline Baby Lips Balm is also nice, but not something to rave about- I find it goes on clear, but its nice under lipsticks.


I did purchase some other random things, like the Neutrogena Wave & a Blush Brush (not the greatest haha!) by Spa Resource, and a N.Y.C black waterproof eyeliner- its actually quite good, and it was very inexpensive. I also received some of my usual Red Cherry Lashes in the mail.

I'm planning to purchase a few MAC face brushes- the 168 has been grabbing my eye, as well as the 116 Blush Brush. I also am going to order the NARS foundation- my skin has been very oily lately, and its driving me banana's! so maybe one of thier foundations that I have been researching will work-  I have never tried anything from NARS before, so maybe I'll have a new brand obsession :-)

In other news, I was thinking that maybe this blog should focus more on hauls, kind of like a haul diary? I understand why my posts don't get many views- I don't have tutorials, and the reason I don't have swatches is because my camera doesn't pick up pigmentation of products very well. Its something to think about.

Have a great day Dolls!


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