Tuesday, 8 May 2012

MAC & All Cosmetics Wholesale Haul + Review!

Hi Peeps!

I recently purchased lots of products from the drugstore that I have been loving- I also received a few hauls in the mail. Lately, I have been on a primer spree- my goal is to achieve all day wear from my foundation & powder. After 6 hours with a primer, and MAC Blot Powder- I would have to touch up. I knew I had to change my moisturiser if I wanted to achieve all day wear, and also have my makeup look freshly applied all day.

I researched moisturisers from a few brands, and decided to stick with MAC- its my favourite high end brand, and mostly- it never lets me down. I purchased the Oil Control Lotion- and hoped for the best. I applied it a day after receiving it after cleansing. I then went on with my primer, foundation, concealer & powder.

(I purchased the 30ml- just in case I didn't like it)


I start work at 8am, and finish at 3:30pm- I usually have my face makeup done around 7:15am. I was so amazed that by 4pm, I did not have to touch-up my makeup once- and my foundation looked just as good as it did that morning :) and at 7pm that night- I finally had to touch up my T-zone with my blot powder.

Success! :-)

The next day, and day after and all week- I have not had to spend time touching up at lunch- I cannot explain how nice this is. Now, I do use other oil control products with this and a primer (Revlon Primer or MAC gel Primer, Blot Powder) and sometimes I dab a teeny tiny it of Urban Decays Primer Potion on my T-zone- so I clearly incorporate more products to help.

 BTW- the Primer Potion is just amazing as well- it has made my eyeshadows last well into the night. I cannot believe I didn't try it all these years. And yes, it can be used on the face- but sparingly, not all over.


Among other hauls, I got my MAC 275 and 208 Brushes :)  I really love them. The 208 is really nice for shaping the perfect brows in no time, and also shaping a cut crease look. I also like it for apply gel liner on my waterline, and creating winged liner.

(I already had used the 208 at this point...)

The 275 Brush is really nice for blending out eyeshadows on the outer corners, and crease. I tend to have a love/hate thing going on with my MAC 217 and 224 haha. Sometimes, I just don't like using them.

Anywho, I have a Drugstore and MAC Haul coming up :-)
I also received my Great Glam Haul- but I since the items I purchased are already sold out, I can't post product pictures- Hopefully I'll find them- I got 3 cute dresses. Have a great week dolls!


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