Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Little Update

Well, long time no post! :) 

Hi everyone! I am soooo sorry for not posting for over a month. I was super busy at work, and just relaxing and not trying to get heat stroke (I hate Summer for that reason!) Also, my camera finally went kaput :( so I have been searching for a camera, but its a bit overwhelming. Also, my style has changed drastically- I recently went to a Lolita Meetup, and was so inspired by the clothing, accessories & hair/wigs While, I don't dress exactly like a Lolita. I have incorporated some of the style into my everyday looks, and I truly feel like myself. I even bought some awesome wigs to go with my coordinating headbands (headband obsessed BTW)... I can truly say I have truly started growing into my own person, and not giving a shit what others think :) pardon my French.

I absolutely have gone crazy for wigs, they are so fun! and change your look amazingly.

I found two great websites- &
They have really great quality stuff. 


I also purchased some Shoes from UrbanOG:

These are insanely comfortable- even the first time I wore them <3

Of course I purchased way more items this past month. Lots of clothes, makeup, etc... I wish I had a camera so I could have taken some photographs. I also finally mastered Winged Eyeliner! I am so happy about that, I always felt my eyeliner was boring, now my looks feel complete.

I hope all of you are having a great Summer, I plan on putting up some posts very soon.

Have a great weekend doll faces <3