Friday, 14 December 2012

Huge MAC, Drugstore, Great Glam & Forever 21 Haul + Swatches!

Hi Dolls!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm thinking about quitting blogging all together. Some of my favourite bloggers have made some really judgemental posts about certain makeup styles that I (and many others) happen to like.Its discouraging- I mean we shouldn't make fun of somebody's preference if we happen not to like it. Believe me, there are some makeup preferences I don't like as well, but I don't make posts saying how 'tacky' or 'stupid' (not my words) I think certain makeup choices are- I keep it to myself. Something for bloggers to keep in mind....... sometimes certain words can offend faithful readers. Makeup is an art, and a choice-

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Moving on, I didn't really do much shopping until the last 2 weeks. I also was thrilled that my boyfriend was staying at his current job & not going North- he got a promotion which was so wonderful!

Anywho, he had his 1 week vacation last week, so we did a ton of shopping! I finally went to a MAC store (its been 2 years!) & got rid of 24 back to MAC empties. In return, I got an Eyeshadow, 2 Lipsticks, and 1 Lipglass. I also purchased a full size of the Oil Control Lotion, & the Fast Response Eye cream. I really love MAC's skincare products, both have become staples for me. Oh and I also purchased Well Dressed blush- ( I couldn't get a decent swatch of Well Dressed- it barely showed up!)

Here are some photo's & swatches! (Please excuse the quality, my camera really isn't as great as I thought- I have been looking to getting one in the $500.00 range)

I had so much fun at the MAC store, unfortunately we got to the mall a little late & I didn't have much time to browse. So when I got home I purchased some MAC Eyeshadow Pro Pans online, I had swatched some of these at the store and loved them :) plus they had free express shipping!

(swatched over NYX's eyeshadow base in White)

As I mentioned above, I also got a brush from Sigma. Sigma brushes have always interested me, but I already have lots of staple MAC brushes so I never bothered ordering. They had a free shipping Promo, so I purchased the F82 Round Top Kabuki. It was packaged very nicely, and the brush is wonderful! I love it for buffing out foundation, and powder.

Lastly, I purchased some dresses from Great Glam, & a blazer & makeup bags from Forever21- and some products from Sally's. I'm really happy with the Serum I got from Sally's- it smells so yummy, & it really perks up your skin.

I highly suggest this Serum, its by far the best I have found so far. It doesn't leave a greasy feel to your skin.

The usual's for Platinum Blonde!

I purchased the following dresses from Great Glam, they got rid of their free international shipping :(


I saw leggings like these at my mall!

I'm kind of getting tired of Great Glam, lately all the styles have looked identical- I think this will be my last haul from them for awhile.

I haven't made a Haul from F21 since Summer, so I thought I would browse the site & I found a few cute items.

Love this blazer! the back has a cute ruffle.

I bought these to match/offset my Traincase. I like keeping my brushes, eyeliners, mascara etc...
in little makeup bags

 I also scored some makeup and skincare products from LW (this is basically a Canadain version of Big Lots) 

The Ponds moisturiser is amazing! it really keeps your skin oil free all day- I use it at night with my heavier night cream. I find when mixed, my heavier cream doesn't feel as greasy. The Revlon foundation was only $1.50! so I had to try it, and who doesn't love Lip Smackers?! reminds me of my teen years :)

What have you been hauling this month?