Wednesday, 23 January 2013

NYX Haul with Swatches + Great Glam

So I made some really random hauls this month from a few companies. I was hearing raves about NYX's new Matte Bronzer, and I had to try it out. The current bronzer I occasionally use is MAC's Golden, its has a slight shimmer to it- which I really don't mind, as I use it as a light contour. However, I was still curious about the NYX Bronzer. I purchased the shade Medium on sale on Cherry Culture, and I love it! I love using it as a contour, and even a blush to warm up my face. I can see this product becoming a staple for me in Summer when I'm a little darker.

I also purchased NYX's Mosaic Highlighter, in the shade 'Highlighter' .....

I had this product 2 years ago, and really liked it. It gives a really nice sheen to the skin.

Swatches of the products (taken outside) -

Great Glam Haul:

I really liked all of these, and I'm looking forward to getting them. I have to admit the catsuit was a complete impulse purchase, I probably won't wear it out- but it reminded me of something Nicki Minaj wore in one of her music videos heh :)

 I also received the Train Case I mentioned in my last post, and I love it! I was able to fit all of my makeup into it nicely, and I still have a ton of space left. I really should have purchased it right away. I also love how the the lining is velvet, that way your products don't slip around during travel. I also paid way less then what I would have paid on Yazmo.



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