Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sedona Lace ' Midnight Lace ' Brushes & MAC goodies!

So after purchasing and falling in love with the Sigma Round Top Kabuki, I wanted to try the other version from Sedona Lace. I also figured I would purchase the Flat Top Angled Brush as well. They both arrived in the mail a few days ago, and they are adorable looking (I love the Pink!) I also was pleasantly surprised when Sedona Lace added in 4 complimentary eyeshadows as well- it was a nice pick me up. Unfortunately the pans are not magnetized, so I currently have been keeping them in the sleeves they arrived in. The colours are very richly pigmented, I have yet to test them wearing them out all day. I thought it was sweet of them to include a little gift-

I also haven't been able to properly test out the brushes- I will give a proper review once I have used them more then once. I can say that the Sigma Round Top is far more dense then the Sedona Lace Round Top- other then that, the Sedona Lace brushes are amazing so far. Shipping was so reasonable, it was around $5.00 and the brushes took about 2 weeks to arrive. They where wrapped in a purple sleeve pouch, both brushes came with plastic protectors and a brochure about the Midnight Lace Collection. 

Meanwhile, my MAC lust hasn't gotton under control haha :)

I purchased the Porcelain Pink Mineralize Skinfinish from the Apres Chic collection. I really wanted this MSF, and I believe this is the second? or possibly third time it has been released. Anyway, I never was able to order it in time. Luckily, it didn't seem to sell out fast this time. The Stereo Rose MSF was sold out quickly, but I already own it (and I never really reach for it) ........ I also purchased the Chromaline in ' Black Black ' ....One of my favorite Youtubers uses this, and I wanted to see how it compares to the Blacktrack Fluidline.Its pretty much identical in terms of texture and pigmentation, but its the size of a Paint Pot! and only a few dollars more :)

(I didn't bother taking a photograph as its just basic packaging)

The MSF is quite nice- it leaves a very light shimmer, its not to shimmery so it doesn't look to overdone. It actually looks nice when lightly applied all over the face for a natural glow. 

I have many hauls arriving, including a new Stackable Traincase! I found an Ebay seller that carried the exact same one that I found on Yazmo! but for a much better price + they are only an hour away from me! so I'll probably get it Monday or Tuesday. My collection keeps growing, ad I really regret not getting a Stackable Traincase right away. Here's a preview!

I can carry way more then makeup in this Traincase to if I have to travel anywhere- so excited!

Hope all of you had a great weekend!


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