Sunday, 26 May 2013

Quick BH Cosmetics Brush Haul/Review

Hello Lovies!

2 weeks ago, BH cosmetics was having a sale (as they usually do) and I decided to pick up some brushes. My MAC brushes honestly don't wow me to much- when it comes to face brushes, I enjoy drugstore brands (IE: Real Techniques/Elf) anywho- I have never owned a Fan Brush, so I decided to purchase one, as well as a Countour Brush. The Fan brush was $7.00 and the Contour Brush $5.00- cannot really beat that price!

Both arrived with brush guards, which the Fan Brush needs very much- it arrived with frayed out bristles, but the 24 hours with the brush guard brought it back into shape. I tried the Contour Brush right away.

When it comes to contouring/blush- I have my bad & good days. So many Youtube Guru's & Makeup Artists place a contour differently, as well as blush. I finally came up with my own technique I prefer. However, I found my brushes where applying all my blushes splotchy- which was because of bristles. This problem happened with so many brushes.... except the BH Cosmetics Contour Brush! I love it! even looking colour that doesn't need to be fixed. 

I still haven't found use for the Fan Brush, but I'll be experimenting with it within the next few days with highlighting.

Highly rec. these brushes! I would like to purchase more, but I have plenty of brushes.

I'm working on more posts due to so much rain, & since I can't do much work when it rains I've been having shorter days-


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Holy Grail Products! Featuring Elf & NARS

So the last 2 months, I have found some wonderful new products that have become staples in my routine. My first rave has to be, drumroll please................... Elf's Clarifying pressed powder, that only costs one fricken dollar! Seriously, this is the best setting powder I have every tried, it leaves my Studio Fix Powder & Chanel Loose powder in the dust. The colour Ivory has the perfect yellow undertone that matches me perfectly. I honestly purchased it for fun, and figured I wouldn't lose anything if it didn't work. I tried it out one day, and was amazed. Before ordering more, I waited throughout the day to see the lasting powder- with a primer + a little bit Kryolan's Anti-Shine powder, my skin looked wonderful for 8 hours. And let me tell you, when I needed to touch up after all that time, it was only my T-Zone slightly, and this powder did not look all disgusting & cakey when using it to touch up (which Studio Fix can do) 

Another great product I fell in love with is the Brow Kit in Ash. Its by far the lightest brow product I have tried, it suits my Platinum hair perfectly, without looking harsh at all.

I purchased it in light as well, which is more red then light- I gave it to my friend & she loves it to.

I also picked up the Brow Sets in Light & Ash. Both come with a tinted gel & clear gel- however, I don't really reach for them, but the quality is great! I plan on making a huge order soon.

Lastly, I fell head over heels in love with the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation! where has this been all my life? the coverage is superb, it covers without looking cakey, and the lasting power is wonderful. It works so well with the Elf powder, both create a wonderful finish. My shade is Deauville, I also purchased Gobi recently, but its a tad light- I like using Gobi as a highlight under the eyes.

I hope you guy enjoyed this post, in other news I finally found the Maybelline Shine Free foundation in Nude on eBay! I was so happy & purchased it. I have yet to try it out, but I cannot wait. I don't have many makeup hauls arriving. Just some clothing. Hope all of you are doing great!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Update, Makeup, & Great Glam sucks!

Hey Peeps!

I cannot believe it has be 2 months since I blogged. Its been a very hectic time for me. I started up my seasonal job & I was so happy that I was getting salary this year (as there's no guessing, since my hours where always unpredictable) .... however, I'm stuck working 6 days a week! so I'm usually really tired, and barely have time to go out, eat or even put makeup on. I purchased quite a few things the last 2 months, found some new amazing Holy Grail worthy products (from Elf & NARS!) 

Unfortunately, my favourite place to purchase clothing from ( Great Glam ) decided that they no longer want my business. A few months back ( I even blogged about this ) I didn't receive 3 packages, so since I made the purchases thru Paypal, I opened claims. I tried contacting Great Glam, but they're customer service just told me the packages where on their way. So I did what was my obvious right, I opened claims & I won each case. meanwhile, I was ordering more items until a few days ago- they refunded 2 orders I made, without reason.

I contacted them, and the next day got an email stating that because of a chargebacks (IE: refunds) on my account, they could no longer fulfill my orders. WTF? I was so angry, so I contacted customer service & explained that it was my right to open claims- I apologized but they kept repeating that it was their 'policy' to take away ordering rights- apparently my claims messed up their business. I find that hard to believe, as people on their Facebook page would often say that items weren't received & that they would open claims- not anywhere does it say on the Great Glam site that this is their policy, not did they ever mention while I spoke to them thru Paypal that my claims would result in this mess. The manager told me they dont even have to publicly post that information- UM, then how are people to know about your stupid policy? they said 'you should have talked to us, & we could have helped you' ...I did, I communicated with them thru Paypal!  It took them 3 months to start taking away my ordering rights. I also opened another claim with them about 6 days ago, turns out my neighbour got my package in the adjacent mailbox kept for larger parcels & simply didn't look at who the package was for. She came to my house & gave my parcel back apologizing- no big deal, I removed the claim & 2 days later got that response. 

Whew- needless to say, I was so upset. I love most of their clothing & they just didn't give a shit. I had no idea companies could take rights away like that, this is 2013 for gods sake. I hate how they couldn't handle giving back refunds, what was I suppose to do? let them keep my money & not get over $300 worth of clothes?! I spent so much money with them the last 3 years, I'm kicking myself for even ordering with them at all. I mean, what kind of company uses Paypal as a checkout option, but doesn't abide by the rules?! Paypal couldn't even help me, they agreed it was a ridiculous rule- even told Great Glam my account is is excellent standing, but they didn't care. I honestly don't give a shit anymore, my account is in excellent standing because I'm an honest customer- if I don't get my stuff, and a company refuses to help me, I will get my money back.


I'm so sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. I've had my friends tell me I can just order with them using my boyfriends Credit Card, but I don't even want to deal with them ever again. After some google searching, I found even better places then Great Glam for clothing, websites that even have a sale section & coupon codes daily + a flat rate shipping fee. 

Moving on, I'm hoping to get some posts up about some new favourite products soon- I have pictures, but no energy to label them & edit.One of my best friends, pretty much my Sister- is moving next week, so I'm pretty sad about that as well. I hope to get back into blogging soon.

I hope all of you are doing good!