Sunday, 26 May 2013

Quick BH Cosmetics Brush Haul/Review

Hello Lovies!

2 weeks ago, BH cosmetics was having a sale (as they usually do) and I decided to pick up some brushes. My MAC brushes honestly don't wow me to much- when it comes to face brushes, I enjoy drugstore brands (IE: Real Techniques/Elf) anywho- I have never owned a Fan Brush, so I decided to purchase one, as well as a Countour Brush. The Fan brush was $7.00 and the Contour Brush $5.00- cannot really beat that price!

Both arrived with brush guards, which the Fan Brush needs very much- it arrived with frayed out bristles, but the 24 hours with the brush guard brought it back into shape. I tried the Contour Brush right away.

When it comes to contouring/blush- I have my bad & good days. So many Youtube Guru's & Makeup Artists place a contour differently, as well as blush. I finally came up with my own technique I prefer. However, I found my brushes where applying all my blushes splotchy- which was because of bristles. This problem happened with so many brushes.... except the BH Cosmetics Contour Brush! I love it! even looking colour that doesn't need to be fixed. 

I still haven't found use for the Fan Brush, but I'll be experimenting with it within the next few days with highlighting.

Highly rec. these brushes! I would like to purchase more, but I have plenty of brushes.

I'm working on more posts due to so much rain, & since I can't do much work when it rains I've been having shorter days-


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