Friday, 17 May 2013

Update, Makeup, & Great Glam sucks!

Hey Peeps!

I cannot believe it has be 2 months since I blogged. Its been a very hectic time for me. I started up my seasonal job & I was so happy that I was getting salary this year (as there's no guessing, since my hours where always unpredictable) .... however, I'm stuck working 6 days a week! so I'm usually really tired, and barely have time to go out, eat or even put makeup on. I purchased quite a few things the last 2 months, found some new amazing Holy Grail worthy products (from Elf & NARS!) 

Unfortunately, my favourite place to purchase clothing from ( Great Glam ) decided that they no longer want my business. A few months back ( I even blogged about this ) I didn't receive 3 packages, so since I made the purchases thru Paypal, I opened claims. I tried contacting Great Glam, but they're customer service just told me the packages where on their way. So I did what was my obvious right, I opened claims & I won each case. meanwhile, I was ordering more items until a few days ago- they refunded 2 orders I made, without reason.

I contacted them, and the next day got an email stating that because of a chargebacks (IE: refunds) on my account, they could no longer fulfill my orders. WTF? I was so angry, so I contacted customer service & explained that it was my right to open claims- I apologized but they kept repeating that it was their 'policy' to take away ordering rights- apparently my claims messed up their business. I find that hard to believe, as people on their Facebook page would often say that items weren't received & that they would open claims- not anywhere does it say on the Great Glam site that this is their policy, not did they ever mention while I spoke to them thru Paypal that my claims would result in this mess. The manager told me they dont even have to publicly post that information- UM, then how are people to know about your stupid policy? they said 'you should have talked to us, & we could have helped you' ...I did, I communicated with them thru Paypal!  It took them 3 months to start taking away my ordering rights. I also opened another claim with them about 6 days ago, turns out my neighbour got my package in the adjacent mailbox kept for larger parcels & simply didn't look at who the package was for. She came to my house & gave my parcel back apologizing- no big deal, I removed the claim & 2 days later got that response. 

Whew- needless to say, I was so upset. I love most of their clothing & they just didn't give a shit. I had no idea companies could take rights away like that, this is 2013 for gods sake. I hate how they couldn't handle giving back refunds, what was I suppose to do? let them keep my money & not get over $300 worth of clothes?! I spent so much money with them the last 3 years, I'm kicking myself for even ordering with them at all. I mean, what kind of company uses Paypal as a checkout option, but doesn't abide by the rules?! Paypal couldn't even help me, they agreed it was a ridiculous rule- even told Great Glam my account is is excellent standing, but they didn't care. I honestly don't give a shit anymore, my account is in excellent standing because I'm an honest customer- if I don't get my stuff, and a company refuses to help me, I will get my money back.


I'm so sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. I've had my friends tell me I can just order with them using my boyfriends Credit Card, but I don't even want to deal with them ever again. After some google searching, I found even better places then Great Glam for clothing, websites that even have a sale section & coupon codes daily + a flat rate shipping fee. 

Moving on, I'm hoping to get some posts up about some new favourite products soon- I have pictures, but no energy to label them & edit.One of my best friends, pretty much my Sister- is moving next week, so I'm pretty sad about that as well. I hope to get back into blogging soon.

I hope all of you are doing good!

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