Saturday, 20 July 2013

Update + Elf & BH Cosmetics Haul

Hello everyone :)

I have been really neglecting this blog, and I finally want to put up a post, and update my blog more often.

Its been a hectic few months. I have been dealing with slight depression & anxiety lately. I often wouldn't talk about being depressed, but it seems since I had my Birthday in June, that its been getting worse. Most of my depression is due to working 6 days a week (long hours to) & always feeling tired & sore. Also, there's been a major heat wave here in B.C & being sensitive to to the sun, I've been dealing with headaches & skin that breaks out into a rash. I've tried to keep positive, but many days- I often don't want to go out due to being so tired. My boyfriend has been wonderful throughout, but not my family- as depression isn't real according to them, which is very annoying to struggle with. Anyhow, my boyfriend is going up North for work in August, which is going to be so tough- but I'll be able to blog more, as I'll have more free time.

Ok, sad stuff out of the way- now onto some recent hauls!

after falling in love with my last Brush Haul from BH cosmetics, I decided to purchase a few more brushes. I have been using them for about a week, and so far they are all great! I admit I reach for them more then my MAC brushes, which I wish that I had never purchased (mostly the face brushes) since they are just average, and cost a hell of a lot more then the BH Cosmetics Brushes. for example, I could never contour correctly with any of my brushes from MAC, but the BH Cosmetics Fan Brush is amazing for contouring the whole face. Here's a picture of my latest haul from BH

I can honestly say that I love every brush, and they all have great uses. I'll do a more in depth review on these once I've had them for awhile.

Next, I decided to purchase some products from Elf, which is a brand I love- so inexpensive, and some items are fabulous for such a cheap price.

The wrinkle refiner is pretty cool, it fills in pores & makes them disappear, but the effect doesn't last.

I love this powder, it brightens your face & under eyes instantly.

I have never tried a bent liner brush, & I wish I would have sooner- this is fabulous for getting the perfect 'flick' each time.

  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

I'm very happy with my purchases, & made a few more hauls. Not sure if anyone has noticed, but my love of MAC & high end makeup has dwindled down. I simply found most products to be average, and I decided to be more weary of what I spend my hard earned money on. The only thing I ever reach for from MAC is my Eyeshadow Palettes, but that's about it. 

Hope you enjoyed this post :)