Monday, 9 September 2013

BH Cosmetics Haul/Review, Mehron HD foundation & Primers

I apologize for the lack of posts, but my seasonal job is almost over & I'm severely tired. I've made many hauls over the past month- some good, some bad. I am thrilled September has arrived, I love Fall! Pumpkin Spice anyone?


I purchased the Mehron Celebre HD foundation + powder. the colour I purchased for the foundation was far to light, so I purchased a medium shade which is far better (the powder, however, is just terrible- not worth a review yet, I'm testing it out- but it has a very odd texture)

I apologize for the use on this one, but I tried it straight away after purchasing. It looks like I used a lot, but I really haven't- that dent formed very quickly :(

I'll being doing a comparison post soon, but the foundation is nothing to special, which is a bummer- don't get me wrong, its nice- but not amazing (its actually kinda greasy, but it has a decent coverage)


Moving on, I absolutely love BH cosmetics. I find myself reaching for many of their products, and I always get my orders within 1 week, which is fast compared to other companies. I've seen many Youtube Guru's use the 10 Colour Concealer palette, and I was curious. I have many concealers, so purchasing more wouldn't hurt :)

I purchased the palette for $9.00 + shipping & I was so excited to try it out. I was worried the concealers would be greasy, but the texture of these is wonderful- they are blendable, creamy & cover very well. I am so happy I purchased this, I use all the lighter shades in the palette, + the orange shade for under the eyes (great for covering any blue-ish veins) .... I prefer these over my MAC concealers, and I am not affiliated with BH cosmetics- I just seem to be having great luck with their products. This is also a great kit for freelance MUA's as their are many shades! 

I figured out the reason for my excessive oily skin issue this past Summer was due to not using my Clarisonic. I didn't use it for almost 2 months, I was so tired from being overworked I just didn't care. Within a week of using it, my oily became less severe- but I still am on the hunt for a Holy Grail primer. I recently purchased the Nurturing Force 'Blot out Offensive' primer. I used it once, and hated it. It made my foundation very hard to blend, and it made my powder go on strange. I figured I was using it wrong. I'm testing it out differently by applying it before moisturising, or making sure I have moisturised enough and applying it after. I haven't been out long enough to see if it makes a difference, but I'm almost done work for the Season, so then I'll have more of a social life :P haha

As you can see, its a creamy consistency. It almost feels like a lotion, but it settles into the skin quickly. I find it almost makes my skin too matte. I'm still experimenting with it though.

I also purchased Milk of Magnesia, which is a hit on Youtube. Many Guru's say its a very good primer for oily skin. I found out it can mess up the PH balance in your skin, so I decided to only use it for special occasions. I found that it made me foundation go on, and look really nice- but I wasn't out long enough to justify if it was heaven sent. I have a few more primers arriving that I can't wait to try- I also ordered something called the 'Mehron No Sweat Skin Prep' from a website called Makeup Mania. I don't have am issue with sweat, maybe slightly in the summer, but I figured I would give it a try. I find that makeup on my forehead simply doesn't last, after only an hour, it looks like my foundation is separating and looks like little dots on the skin. it looks gross, and I even got bangs because of this issue. I've been testing different products to set my foundation on my forehead, and of course primers- I want it to stop. This does not happen to the rest of my face, so why the forehead? if anyone has dealt with this & fixed it, please leave a comment. 

I have various hauls arriving, and can't wait! I made a huge Elf purchase when they had a 50% off studio items.

Till next time my cherry drops ;)